Microsoft may be preparing the end of other antivirus programs! And now?

It’s true that most people use antivirus programs made by companies other than Microsoft. However, Defender is sufficient for the vast majority of users. Not only does it have the advantage of being fully integrated with the operating system since it comes from Microsoft, but it also doesn’t cause any problems for the user experience. In fact, the Redmond-based giant is so confident in the product it is developing that it will even extend its application to other platforms. For some analysts, this news from Microsoft could be the beginning of the end for antivirus solutions from other companies, but is it really so?

Microsoft may have started the demise of other antivirus programs! And now?

Microsoft’s new project is called Gibraltar and in practice it will be a completely free antivirus, Microsoft Defender, which will work on Windows 11, Android, iOS and MacOS. I remind you that non-Windows users are already entitled to Microsoft Defender have, but it is limited for business customers. However, Microsoft Defender Gibraltar will be available to everyone.

Microsoft is ending virus protection

Not much more information is available yet, but this news is causing quite a stir in the antivirus world. Especially when a leak linked to the Microsoft Store showed availability for all platforms. That means Android, iOS and Mac.

In this regard, Microsoft explained that Defender guarantees users security and that from a central console we can see the security status of all devices. In practice, Microsoft gives all home users an enterprise-grade version.

Microsoft is ending virus protection

The new app is rewritten from scratch and it looks like the Windows 11 version uses web components.

In this regard, the Windows Latest site has already carried out some tests and found that this security solution for Windows, Android or macOS makes managing all the devices that we have a lot easier. In fact, in one place we can immediately see if there is a critical issue.

It is not yet known when it will arrive, but it is believed that it will be available in the coming months.

Is this the beginning of the end for the other antivirus programs?

I disagree with those who say yes. It is true that on the one hand we have access to a multi-platform solution without paying a penny. On the other hand, however, we always get a more limited security solution compared to the more powerful ones on the market. I believe I can shake things up somehow, but I believe the other solutions will never cease to exist.

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