Micron and Mediatek are the first to validate the new LPDDR5X leak RAM

Micron Technology announced today that MediaTek Inc. has validated its new LPDDR5X (low-power double data rate 5X) DRAM memory for use with the new high-end Dimensity 9000 5G SoC.

A SoC that looks set to be the talk of the town about the next generation of high-end devices in the Android ecosystem. But let’s work in parts.

Micron and Mediatek were the first to validate the new LPDDR5X RAM

new ram lpddr5x

That’s why Micron is the first semiconductor manufacturer to test and validate the latest and most advanced mobile memory in the industry. In fact, the first units of this store (manufactured in the 1-alpha node) have already been sent to several partners, where of course this is the case, we must emphasize mediatek, which recently launched its new Premium SoC. announced Dimension 9000, based on the TSMC 4nm process.

So we’re talking about even faster storage that can reach at least 7.5 Gbps, with some versions reaching an incredible 8,533 Gbps. In other words, a possible speed increase of 33% compared to the current mobile RAM memory type in the LPDDR5 area.

These are simply fantastic performance figures and actually necessary for the amount of data that flows through our smartphones. Because mobile workloads are gaining in importance thanks to ever more powerful SoCs, communication channels that have been further developed are also required.

In short … are you ready for the first smartphones with LPDDR5X RAM memory? You’re right in front of the door.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Already salivating with the new technology? We will have smartphones with this type of memory as early as 2022! Are you waiting? Or will the crisis also take its toll next year? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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