Michelle Young chooses her Final Four at “The Bachelorette”

Michelle Young picked her last four The Bachelorette!

Ahead of the appointments in her hometown next week, the 28-year-old teacher, with the help of her students, narrowed down her last applicants on the show.

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After eliminated Clayton early in the episode (he’s about to become the new one Bachelor), Michelle took Rick, Rodney, Nayte, Joe, Martin and Olu on the last group date of the season that was on a farm!

The boys did manual labor to help the farmers with their daily chores, including milking cows, cleaning up manure, and whipping butter.

After the day on the farm Michelle continued to eliminate Martin from the show after hearing him question her thoughts and actions during the show.

“Tonight, it was brought to my attention that when we were talking you would say one thing in my face and then preach it in another way when you are not in front of me,” she told him. “And your thoughts on my poem and about opening up and being vulnerable to what I went through. It was immature that I didn’t bother with it – is that something that came out of your mouth? “

Martin denied this, saying it was “absolutely not true”.

“My red flags are high, my walls are high and I have to follow the fact that I don’t trust you now.” Michelle Told him. “And that’s why I have to get you out.”

For your last one-on-one interview Michelle spent some time with Brandon in her own hometown before making her final decisions about the rose ceremony.

Michelle actually skipped the cocktail party and went straight to it, confident in her decisions.

Michelle Young Final Four

Michelle chose Nayte, Brandon, Joe and Rodney to stay in the hometown for the upcoming dates.

“I take it very seriously to meet families. When I offer these roses, it means that I see a future not only with you, but also with your family. ” Michelle told the men before the ceremony. “And if you accept the rose, it means that you are ready to invite me to meet some of the people who are most important to you.”

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays on ABC.

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