Michael Slater ex-cricketer arrested: details of his former partner Melanie Livesey and violation of interim measures

Michael Slater Ex-Cricketer Arrested: Why Was Micheal Slater, A Former Australian Cricket Professional, Arrested? He is being held for allegedly violating an AVO. He was released on bail and released.

Michael Slater is a well-known Australian cricketer and former television presenter. Michale played in 74 test matches and 42 One Day Internationals for Australia’s national cricket team between 1991 and 2004. He is known for his outstanding cricket statistics.

Michael has also become the talk of the town. Slater was arrested two months ago and charged with multiple domestic violence. He was also convicted of stalking and portrayal harassment.

According to the recently updated news from ABC, Michael was held in prison after violating an Arrested Violence Order (AVO). The attorney stated that Michael’s DMs were highly offensive and harassing.

Still, he got bail, reports have confirmed. His attorney James McLoughlin said his client had an alcohol disorder and was being treated in the hospital.

Michael Slater ex-cricketer arrested for violating the injunction

Michael, 51, was arrested Wednesday and charged with violating an injunction. The news is making the rounds on social media.

The police have been investigating the case closely and the prosecutor alleged that the DMs he sent to the victim were offensive and harassing.

Regarding his early days, Slater has had many important innings for New South Wales and as the Australia opener with his adventurous

Police claim the incident occurred just days after Slater was sensationally removed from Channel Seven’s cricket coverage.

His dismissal from Channel Seven has been linked to his controversial comments criticizing Australia’s travel restrictions – after he flew to India to comment on Indian Premier League competition and as the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

At one point he claimed Prime Minister Scott Morrison had “blood on his hands” for dealing with the pandemic.

The retired batsman at the opening tweeted the Prime Minister to get on his private jet and “come and see corpses on the street.”

“Amazing to evict the prime minister on an issue that is a human crisis. The panic, fear of every Australian in India is real !! How about you take your private jet and see bodies on the street! ‘

After the incident, the former batsman said he was “completely overwhelmed” and did not want to be “disrespectful”.

“The tweets came out of sheer desperation and wanted to go home to crying children worried about their father,” Slater told The Courier Mail preciously.

“It got very emotional. We arrived in Ahmedabad and passed a Covid testing site. We’d see all these bodies on the side of the road. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. It was so terribly confrontational.

“If I had time again, considering that there could have been a link to what just happened to me on Channel 7, no, I wouldn’t do it again.”

Slater and partner Melanie Livesey sold their Randwick home for $ 5.65 million this August, just a year after buying them for $ 3.8 million.

The former cricket star played for Australia in 74 Tests and averaged 5,312 runs averaging 42.83 after making his debut on the Ashes tour of England in 1993.

The opening batsman also played 42 one-day caps and scored nearly 1,000 runs before retiring from major cricket in 2004.

Slater was recently fired from Seven Network’s team of commentators for the upcoming summer cricket season, with the network reluctant to renew his contract, citing budget pressures.

In 2021, Slater traveled to India to comment on the Indian Premier League competition.

Michael Slater’s ex-partner is Milanie Livesey

Michael’s former partner Milanie Livesey is a victim of domestic violence. According to the records, Livesey was mentally harassed by Slater for months via text messages and phone calls. She filed a complaint against him in October that year.

The couple are no longer together, the source confirmed. According to Slater’s Wikipedia page, Michael had a manic depression known as bipolar disorder and was a quick-tempered person.

Former cricketer Michael Slater reportedly called his ex-girlfriend 18 times and texted her 66 within two and a half hours before he was arrested for allegedly violating a domestic violence order.

Slater’s attorney told Manly District Court on Wednesday afternoon that an alcohol disorder was “heavily” involved when the 51-year-old allegedly tried to contact Melanie Livesey on Tuesday evening.

The sports legend was arrested on the northern beaches of Sydney at 7.45 a.m. today and charged with violating AVO prohibitions / restrictions, using the transport service to threaten / harass / insult and breach bail.

Slater’s attorney told the court that his client had only “slipped once” since the AVO was issued in October, ABC reported.

Michael Slater wife Jo Slater and children

Michael took the vows and walked down the altar in late 2000. The couple have three children and currently live in Sydney.

His current wife, Jo, helped Michael overcome his depression.

Not much is known about Michael’s family at the moment. He was born in 1970 to Peter and Carole Slater. His mother left him when he was little. His father raised him and his siblings back then.

His father was a professional agriculture teacher at Wagga Wagga Agricultural College.

Former Australian cricketer Michael Slater and his wife Yo Bringing Newport Real Estate to Market. One of the country’s biggest batsmen, Michael Slater, and his wife, Jo, launched their beach house in Newport.

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