Men of War II, World War II RTS game announced

The real-time strategy game (RTS) by War people brings us a new title again. After a few years without showing us anything new, finally the Russian distributor 1C Entertainment announced the Men of War II project in collaboration with Ukrainian developer Best Way.

War people is one of the franchises widely known for touching WWII context from the real-time strategy games genre. At eye level with Society of Heroes (from Relic Entertainment, developer of Age of Empires IV), War people has got thousands of players reenacting famous battles from that very violent period of the 20th century.

Although an exact release date was not given, the Steam page is for Men of War II announces that it will be available sometime in 2022.

What will be included? Men of War II?

This title is known to incorporate an area control system that is all about gaining terrain rather than capturing specific points on the map to achieve victory. What’s more There will be three sides (Allies, Soviets and Germans), 45 battalions and around 300 vehicle models.

There will be two types of campaigns, one by the Allied side and one by the Soviet side, both in confrontation with Germany. The graphics and sound quality has also been improved and promises to accommodate online games of five against five players (human or machine).

Finally, it is mentioned that all elements of the terrain and structures (bridges, trees, mountains, etc.) will be relevant to the fighting, as they will serve as cover and even to prepare for ambushes.

Via: PC player.

Source: 1C Entertainment.

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