Meet Harry Mahmood’s Apprentice: Who Is He? Wiki, age, wife and net worth of the 2022 participant

Meet Harry Mahmood’s Apprentice: Who Is He? Stay tuned to find out more about one of the sixteen upcoming “Apprentice” 2022 candidates.

Harry Mahmood describes himself as the “Asian version of Lord Sugar”. Starting January 6th, he will be featured on the BBC for the award and recognition of Alan Sugar, aka Lord Sugar, as the next apprentice.

“The Apprentice” is one of the few shows of its kind in the country, but it is a trailblazer.

The show follows aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners as they face a range of business-related challenges.

The show is hosted by British business tycoon Alan Sugar, who looks forward to meeting the person who deserves the show’s award.

Harry Mahmood apprentice? Who is he? Wiki info

Harry Mahmood is a regional operations manager in the West Midlands.

He is a successful former Darlaston pharmacy manager.

Mahmood received a Citizen’s Award for Healthcare Services last year after building a community health network.

Although he has given up his job in the pharmacy, his achievements during his tenure cannot be overlooked.

Lately he’s focused on becoming a kid bath bomb entrepreneur in hopes of making it big on the BBC show “The Apprentice 2022”.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to Mahmood’s recent statement that he was the “Asian version of Lord Sugar”.

He also said he hopes to work with Lord Sugar to grow his bath bomb business and become “the bad guys of the bath bomb world together.”

Harry Mahmood Age: how old is he?

Harry Mahmood is currently 35 years old according to his BBC profile.

Meanwhile, the full details of his date of birth are still being investigated.

Given his age, the aspiring TV star has extensive knowledge and work experience that will be an asset for his upcoming trip.

Who is Harry Mahmood’s wife?

Harry Mahmood appears to be single so no information about his wife or his dating life is available.

His Instagram handle doesn’t suggest he’s married or connected to a partner, even though he’s an open-minded person.

The entrepreneur seems to take his time thinking about his love life.

What is the net worth of Harry Mahmood?

Mahmood has not yet publicly disclosed its net assets.

We will update this section as soon as we find relevant insiders in its wealth stats.

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