MediaTek doesn’t want to play anymore. New SoC for high-end televisions! leak

The world of PCs, smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. But technological evolution is not only here! At the end of the cable, televisions are also bringing more and more technology to the table, and this also increases their computing power immeasurably.

A great example of this is MediaTek’s new bet for the world of 8K TVs! In the form of the Pentonic 2000, the first SoC for televisions that supports the new H.266 video codec, it is of course a further development of the current H.265, this time designed for high-quality 8K content.

MediaTek doesn’t want to play anymore. New SoC for high-end televisions!

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With televisions advancing at an incredible rate, MediaTek saw an opportunity and quickly developed a new high-end SoC for future needs. We are talking about the SoC Pentonic 2000, based on the 7 nm lines from TSMC. This is actually the first TV SoC made on one of the most advanced production lines in the industry.

In terms of computing power, however, the SoC supports 8K content at up to 120 Hz with MEMC. It also has a built-in AI engine to put hard and ugly on the upscale lower resolutions. In addition to these features, MediaTek also promises the most powerful CPU and GPU in the world of smart TVs. This makes sense as we will have UFS 3.1 storage support, which in turn means using Cortex A7x cores.

In addition to the H.266 codec, the Pentonic 2000 will still be able to process the AV1 codec (the king of Netflix), H.265, VP9, ​​AVS3 and of course other older codecs. MediaTek also relies on WiFi 6E, 5G and HDMI 2.1 in the area of ​​connectivity.

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