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Maureen Elizabeth McPhilmy was born on May 3, 1966 in Chittenango, New York State, USA, to a gardener and her father, who worked in a market. Maureen is best known as the American public relations manager and ex-wife of infamous host Bill O’Reilly.

How rich is Maureen McPhilmy at the end of 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that this American public relations executive’s net worth is over $ 300,000, largely from her career in the aforementioned field, although a large chunk of her net worth is reportedly from the settlement of her divorce from Bill O’Reilly.


Maureen E. McPhilmy net worth of $ 300,000


McPhilmy had a tough childhood when her parents separated when she was only five years old. As for her education, she attended St. Peter’s School and later went to college, but there is no other information about her education, although she graduated from college and initially worked as a waitress in a restaurant. McPhilmy was not satisfied with that and had a desire to advance professionally, which she eventually managed by joining the PR department. However, she caught media attention and became widely known when she married Bill O’Reilly, the popular television presenter, journalist and presenter, in 1996. To this day, Maureen still works as a public relations executive. Their tasks include maintaining a public relationship and controlling possible deviations in the process. Her job also includes promoting, managing and maintaining the public visibility of her customers, be they organizations or individuals. It also defines the exact advertising goals. Their assets are upgraded accordingly.

It has been the subject of controversy regarding her personal life, particularly regarding her marriage to Bill O’Reilly. The couple married in 1996 and Maureen has a daughter and a son from the marriage. Maureen’s and Bill’s marriage had its ups and downs, however, and the couple eventually divorced in 201, obviously bitter because they did not get on well, with O’Reilly allegedly suing Maureen for cheating on him during their marriage, allegedly on $ 10 million, according to the Daily Mail. In addition to accusing McPhilmy of cheating, Bill said that she used the 2016 divorce money on their “extramarital relationship,” and Maureen responded by accusing Bill of domestic violence, stating that he was “in a rage” after she caught him having phone sex. He then allegedly pulled her and hit her against a wall when she found out what he was doing and then pulled her out of the bedroom by the neck. Her daughter Madeline witnessed her mother’s favor. McPhilmy isn’t the only one accusing O’Reilly of sexual harassment over the phone, as his O’Reilly Factor producer Andrea Mackris sued him back in 2004. Maureen is now married to Jeffrey Gross, Nassau, a county police detective.

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