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A father of two, featured in the new season’s trailer, was removed from the show after producers discovered his homophobic and sexist videos.

A groom from the 2022 season of Married at first sight was removed from the series after producers discovered his disturbing social media videos.

Simon Blackburn – who featured in one of the early trailers – won’t be featured in upcoming episodes that air in the New Year.

Channel Nine confirmed on Wednesday Kids spot that they took the father of two off the show after being made aware of his hideous swear words.

“When unacceptable social media content was discovered regarding Simon Blackburn, we immediately took steps to remove him from the program. We won’t be making any further comments, ”said a Channel Nine spokesman.

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Simon Blackburn appears in a trailer for Married At First Sight 2022. Source: Channel Nine.

Simon Blackburn warns men not to date mothers

In a video shared by the Melbourne FIFO agent, he describes homosexuality as “bloody shit” and adds, “If you are gay, you will get AIDS”.

In another clip, he encourages men to join him at Schoolies on the Gold Coast, where 18-year-olds gather to celebrate the end of school.

The dad in his early 30s says he would “try to make me look 25 … we’ll have birds all over the place that just fuck”.

Another post shows how he scolds his ex-wife and mother of his children, whom they refer to as “Ren * rd” and “C ** t”.

Then he slams her for asking him to take care of her children.

“You’re fucking dreaming buddy,” he said. “I don’t give a shit what you do to your new boyfriend … the last thing I fucking do is change damn diapers and worry about where that damn pensioner is.”

Another video shows him calling the women he sees “sluts” and a “messy old dinosaur c ** t”.

He also warns men not to date mothers because “their bodies have turned to shit.

Simon also urges his followers to “know your gender,” which he says means women do the housework and men pay the bills.

“We can’t do everything, we don’t come home and do the dishes and make a hell of a lot of money,” he says.

TIED TOGETHER: MAFS under fire for controversial scenes

Simon Blackburn shares shocking swear words about women on TikTok and Instagram. Source: TikTok.

Former reality TV stars call up clips

The videos have since been labeled as homophobic, sexist, and racist by fans and former reality TV contestants.

Beth Moore, who performed at 2021 MAFS Staffel said the videos were “gross” and Simon should not be given a “second of airtime”.

Former MAFS Star Tracey Jewel asked, “Where are the background checks on these people? It puts other participants in potentially dangerous situations – where is the duty of care? “

Former BacheloretteAngie Kent said in her Instagram stories that she was “petrified” after discovering its content online and previously speaking to him about it. She urged fans to boycott the show because he “doesn’t need a platform to spread his poison”.

Ex Farmer is looking for a wife Star Liz Jelley wrote, “It’s time there was a bloody commission on what the hell is allowed on reality TV these days. Where does it end. Simply disgusting “.

Writer and feminist Clementine Ford had doubts about Channel Nine because she didn’t know who Simon was before she cast him.

Channel 9 knowingly paired Blackburn – a man who boldly calls women ‘c ** ts’ for at least two weeks, which puts them in a really dangerous situation, or they admit their own casting processes are so very flawed Basics of background checking, they didn’t even bother doing a Google search, ”she wrote online.

Since the videos went viral, Simon has made a statement on his Instagram.

He wrote that the topics in his videos were “not my current thoughts or ways of thinking”. He also announced that he had COVID-19 and wanted to rest.

The caption reads: “Leave the past in the past!” next to a beer emoji.

Simon Blackburn’s videos went viral. Source: Instagram.

MAFS investigates complaints

Nine didn’t answer Kidsspots Ask when they discovered Simon’s social media content and how long he was involved in the filming.

However, the Daily Mail reports that Simon made it to filming the honeymoon before he was booted off the show.

The publication said it was his on-screen wife who first brought the producers’ attention to the social media videos.

This all comes from after the controversial 2021 season MAFS was investigated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority after at least 54 complaints from viewers who were concerned about “improper exchanges between participants through gaslighting, social, verbal and psychological abuse”.

The Channel Nine reality TV show was eventually cleared by media regulators after it was determined that it had not violated the Commercial TV Code of Conduct.

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