MacBook with a touchscreen? Not in Apple’s plans

Apple has scaled back its claims with the new MacBook Pro 2021 line of notebooks, betting on returning much of the connectivity that was removed in the 2016 redesign while bringing back MagSafe, which of course has all been well received by users.

However, it seems that Apple remains a little fan of the touchscreen in the world of MacBook notebooks.

MacBook with a touchscreen? Not in Apple’s plans

MacBook with screen

As a result, Apple remains a small fan of the touchscreen in its notebooks, all due to the fact that the company’s MacBook range is geared towards “indirect input”. In other words, if you want to touch in the Apple world, you always have to go for the iPhone, iPad or of course the Apple Watch. That’s what Tom Boger, Vice President of Product Marketing, and also John Ternus, Vice President of Hardware Engineering at the American giant say. Read now:

“Apple is always aware of what consumers want. It is precisely for this reason that we have made many changes to the MacBook Pro: We have abolished the Touch Bar and also re-implemented many of the previously removed connectivities. “

“With the iPad, we are already making the best touch computer on the market. A machine that is fully optimized for this type of application. The Mac is different, it’s an optimized family with no direct input. If consumers want something to interact with with their fingers, they have to go for the iPad. We see no need to change our strategy in this regard. “

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Do you think the touchscreen is missing on the MacBook Pro? Or is Apple right that this brings together two completely different product lines? End up confusing the market … let us know what you think in the comments below.

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