Louis Vuitton’s bicentenary jewelry collection

Louis Vuitton has gone through many developments in its 200th anniversary – from the birth of travel and suitcase manufacturing to a luxury goods company known today for its ready-made clothing, shoes, watches, jewelry and even books. To mark the brand’s 200th anniversary, the Maison has put together the iconic Bravery jewelry collection to pay homage to the extraordinary journey and visionary spirit of Louis Vuitton itself.

Who would have thought that the story of a young Louis Vuitton who set off on foot from his home in the Jura for Paris to earn a living would one day be immortalized in the most beautiful jewels?

Francesca Amfitheatrof, Artistic Director for Watches and Jewelry at Louis Vuitton, says: “I was so surprised that a fashion house like Louis Vuitton was born through the courage of a young man. Driven by his curiosity about the world, he embarked on this incredible journey through France.

“That’s why we called this collection Bravery,” continues Amfitheatrof. “It is not a word that is often used in high jewelry! But these ideas of determination and adventure are inherent in Louis Vuitton, and we wanted to express them with this collection. “

Making of The Mythe in the Louis Vuitton Bravery Collection
Making of The Mythe in the Louis Vuitton Bravery Collection

Bravery is a collection of 90 extraordinary pieces of jewelry that celebrate and trace the footsteps of the legendary Vuitton in an almost dreamlike way.

It took three long years for the maison to source all of the sapphires, emeralds, rubies, diamonds and gemstones to create this spectacular collection, which are then set in special bezels and bespoke settings, as well as LV monogram cut diamonds that make this collection unique to Louis Vuitton.

All of these elements come together in eight themes that represent Louis Vuitton’s legacy. Read on to discover all of the high quality jewelry in the Bravery collection.

The arrow

The Arrow necklace, Louis Vuitton Bravery collection
The Arrow necklace, Louis Vuitton Bravery collection

The arrow, which also symbolizes the letter of his last name, was adopted as a personal emblem by Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the founder’s grandson. The Arrow necklace features rubies, blue sapphires, and diamonds set diagonally in pavé in a three-tone pendant with a 2.61 carat D-Color IF Type 2A LV monogram flower-cut diamond and a royal blue Sri Lankan sapphire over 26. dangling carats on top. The chain can be worn in three different ways and is part of a whole parure that includes a solitaire ring with an extremely rare 18.62-carat velvet blue sapphire.

Le tumbler

Le Tumbler, Louis Vuitton high jewelry collection
Le Tumbler earring and bracelet set

The unbreakable tumbler lock was invented by Louis Vuitton in 1890 and is celebrating a great debut in the field of high jewelry today. The bracelets, earrings and rings in this set are all adorned with beautiful large emerald-cut aquamarines and diamonds of various cuts. The necklace with an off-center diamond-set clasp, inspired by Le Tumbler, consists of a sky-blue aquamarine of the Santa Maria type weighing over 24 carats and a confection of more than 130 rainbow-colored gemstones such as citrines, tourmalines and amethysts.

La passion

La Lattice Louis Vuitton bravery
La Lattice in rubies and diamonds

The lattice-like jewelry is inspired by the mallet-age pattern that lines the interiors of Louis Vuitton suitcases – and it also happens to be one of Amfitheatrof’s signature designs. Diamonds and rubies combine on a structured white gold construction to form a cuff bracelet with oval cut rubies; Necklaces, two rings and clip-on earrings make up the entire parure.


L'Aventure necklace Louis Vuitton Bravery
L’Aventure necklace

The alternating emeralds and diamonds represent the roads and forests of Vuitton’s 400km hike from Jura to Paris in his early years. The emeralds from Colombia took two years to collect. Damier checkerboard stone inlay is used, presenting four different settings on each circular link, above which hang a 5.21-carat D-color flawless pear-shaped diamond pendant, an LV monogram flower diamond, and a brilliant cut diamond. In 1,600 hours the necklace can be worn in six different ways and is complemented by three rings, a bracelet and two pairs of earrings.

Le myth

Le Mythe necklace Louis Vuitton Bravery
Le Mythe necklace

The Le Mythe set contains a variety of LV elements including signatures for making suitcases such as the Damier canvas pattern, rivets and motifs inspired by suitcase locks, the rope, and the LV monogram flower. The convertible necklace, which takes 1,300 hours to create, can be worn in 12 ways and consists of three Sugar Loaf cabochons: a 19.70 carat Sri Lankan royal blue sapphire, an 8.64 carat deep green Colombian emerald, and a 7.11 carat Madagascar -Sapphire. The set includes bracelets, rings and earrings to match the necklace.

La Constellation d’Hercule

La Constellation d'Hercule necklace and earring set
La Constellation d’Hercule necklace and earring set

The set references a constellation that was only visible at the time of Vuitton’s birth on August 4, 1821. The beguiling set with the La Constellation d’Hercule necklace as the highlight shows 209 carats of tanzanites, 50 carats of Australian opals, 34 carats of tsavorites together with diamonds in the LV Monogram Star and Flower cut. The diamond-set rope of the necklace is inspired by elements of the tribes.

L’Élan Vital

L'Élan Vital necklace
L’Élan Vital necklace

The rope-and-knot motif of this theme pays homage to the luggage Louis Vuitton carried as a young man. The monochrome necklace is set with 2,000 brilliant-cut diamonds like a sensual white gold rope, the tassels are set with LV monogram star-cut diamonds. The parure includes bracelets, earrings, chokers and rings.

La Star du Nord

La Star du Nord earring and bracelet
La Star du Nord earring and bracelet

Also known as the “good star”, La Star du Nord is the guiding light for Vuitton on its journey. The graphic design has what it takes to become a high-jewelry classic. The necklace consists of two rows of sparkling diamonds anchored by a knot in white gold with a monogram of Star-Cut D-Color IF Type 2A diamond of 10.07 carats, which can also be worn as a ring. In the epilogue of Bravery, this parure conveys hope for the future with matching earrings, a ring and a bracelet.

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