Looking for Violent Movies on Netflix? These are the best!

No matter what style of movie you’re looking for or whatever project you’re looking for, you will likely find it on Netflix. Finally, today we can say that this platform understands more than any other what it means to achieve world success and therefore we have selected another brutal list of films that you are sure to love.

So, having already compiled a list of the best horror films and even the best thrillers, now seems like the time to pick the most violent projects released on Netflix to date. But are you prepared for what’s to come? It’s just that the movies are really difficult …

These are the most watched and popular Spanish series on Netflix!

Looking for Violent Movies on Netflix? These are the best!

Hostel (Netflix)


Three friends travel to a brutal hostel in Slovakia in search of female fun, where they become victims of something because they never thought of going through it and they are all tortured in unimaginable ways …

Headshot (Netflix)

After being shot in the head and hospitalized in a coma, a young man wakes up and begins to have visions and memories of everything he has been through but cannot remember. As this could endanger his life and that of everyone around him, including the doctors who treated him …

Romina (Netflix)

Terrible aggression inspired acts of violence when a group of teenagers camped in the same remote location as a high school classmate. But will someone die or is everything just solved in language? I think there is nothing more to say …

Films of violence

In short, what do you think of these brutally violent films that we mentioned above? Do you find them really brutal or just to pass the time? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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