LG’s new televisions will eliminate one of OLED’s weaknesses!

A few days ago, we noticed that LG was preparing to announce its new display technology. OLED EXwhich, in turn, will be able to improve brightness by more than 30%, one of the biggest “problems” of the technology compared to what its main competitors have to offer.

Well, this significant improvement in brightness can compare the OLED with the mini-LED in this respect. After all, this is one of the great advantages of the technology over the popular OLED. In case you didn’t know, the mini LED is capable of reaching or exceeding 2000 nits of brightness.

This could move Apple to go back to OLED, this time for its entire range of products.

LG’s new televisions will eliminate one of OLED’s weaknesses!

the OLED

In addition to the major improvements in brightness and image quality, LG is also promising an OLED that can undo one of the disadvantages of mini-LED technology, namely the ‘bloom’ effect that we find on 12.9 models. of the iPad Pro M1.

Obviously, OLED will not be able to keep up with the brightness of a good LED panel anytime soon. Still, with this big bet from LG, Apple might be tempted to take this type of technology route. After all, OLED is cheaper than mini-LED, and it’s also a type of technology that consumers look up to.

In this case, however, the transition to LED will not take place until 2023 with a new iPad Pro with an OLED LTPO screen. Until then, we’ll see Apple capitalize on its heavy investments in other imaging technologies.

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