LG OLED EX: Are OLED TVs getting better and cheaper !?

With the end of 2021, we have to deal with new generations of products, especially in the TV world. But OLED technology is becoming more and more popular and can therefore be found in more and more product lines! Hence, the queen of OLED TVs has to try to put some innovation on what is already on the shelves.

Well, it’s time to say hello to the LG OLED EX TVs which, in addition to more brightness and better picture quality, will also have even smaller margins! However, with the improvements inherent in the production process of this type of panels, they are not only better, but also a little cheaper compared to the current generation TVs.

LG OLED EX: Are OLED TVs getting better and cheaper !?


For this reason, LG’s OLED TVs will be based on a new generation of panels from the second quarter of the year. We talk about technology OLED EXwhich, according to LG, increases brightness by up to 30%, improves color reliability and apparently also allows thinner frames on end products (from 6mm to 4mm on new models).

How was LG able to improve its OLED technology so much?

The improvements appear to be the result of two critical modifications. First, the use of a new chemical in the structure of the panels and apparently the implementation of a new image processing algorithm.

However, in case you don’t know what the ‘EX’ means, it’s a mix of evolution and experience, according to LG.

The market launch of these televisions will take place in 2022, but due to the current production crisis, the brand has of course decided not to move forward with 100% defined dates. We just have to wait and see how it all turns out, especially now that we have a new variant of COVID-19 out there.

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