Levante UD – Granada CF: Rubén Rochina returns to the Ciutat de València

Rubén Rochina’s return to the Ciutat de València comes four months after the end of a three and a half year stage that he remembers positively. Granada, which he considers his home, gave him the opportunity to stay in the elite, though his wish was to continue Barça. to wear. However, in a special meeting for him, he will give the maximum to win the Andalusian countries. But if he scores he won’t celebrate.

How are you?

The truth is that very good. After arriving late and not having any preparation for the season, I feel quite comfortable and integrated into the team.

How do you manage to get from playing in Europe to fighting so as not to go under from one year to the next?

We have to be realists. What Granada did back then has a lot of value and it was something very beautiful, but we have to be aware that it is probably not the reality of the club. There are many teams on a larger budget and they should strive to achieve these goals. It’s something we’d like to repeat, but we know how difficult it is. The first thing that a club like Granada aims for will always be consistency.

How is your transition to Granada going?

I started much better than I expected. It was a mystery after training alone for three months without a team. I didn’t know how long it would take to integrate, join the team, enjoy 90 minutes … In that regard, I am very happy to this day.

What does Robert Moreno want by taking him to the extreme? We always saw him hanging around the midfielder.

It’s also a bit like how I’ve played for Levante over the past few years. We play 4-4-2. It doesn’t ask me to stay open in the band, but it does give me the freedom to go in to play. It’s the same role I had when I played for Levante.

Do you prefer to play inside or outside?

I do not care. As long as I have the opportunity to go inside … If you want me to stay in line and open the box, I understand that I don’t have my greatest virtue. Since I’ve played in this position, to this day no coach has asked me to, they have given me the freedom to go indoors. I feel comfortable here.

What he didn’t lose is hitting the ball. Keep shooting goals. His only goal in this course was like this.

Have to try. If you don’t shoot, it’s clear that you won’t score (laughs). I’m a player who at least believes that you have to shoot to score a goal. Failure to do so could result in a corner kick or rebound. Quitting games is always a good option.

What is Robert Moreno like as a coach?

He’s a coach who may not take long on the front lines, but he’s always sat on a bench. We have seen on other occasions that second trainers gain the same experience as a first, although the biggest difference between one and one may be in group leadership and decision making. However, he is very well prepared in terms of soccer knowledge.

What do you want to play?

We try to adapt a little to everything. We like to be protagonists with the ball, but the results didn’t come out either. When that happens, sometimes you want to take less risks, but in time you will see what we want to be: a possession team, and most importantly, an attacking team.

Tomorrow he will have a special game …

It’s clear … it’s a momentous game. Levante is in the lower zone and that will be some important points.

How do you remember your time at Levante?

I remember one of my best stages. When a footballer is at home, he always feels more comfortable and performance is easier. It was a very nice cycle, because saving the category for three years with practically no suffering and reaching the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey makes the memory very positive.

In addition, his good years in the Levant contrast with his abrupt stage in Russia. That would be a relief for his athletic career.

From an early age I was used to always being away from home. It makes things easier for you. But after being away for so many years, I appreciated Levante’s offer when I got the chance. I thought it would be a good time to be close to my family and friends. In addition, the trust that the club has placed in me made me sign it.

89 games in three seasons. What’s your best memory

I keep the global. In the first half of the year, between my arrival in winter, I had an injury and an occasional expulsion, a thorn in my side, but from then on the next three courses were very good. For everyone I came across, and also for colleagues from other teams, they told me that we are a team that wants to see it play, that plays football very well, that can stand up to everyone … But for me the most important thing is that a Levant reached the last five or six days with the math-made salvation was gratifying. At that time he did not give himself the value that he really has. As a humble club, first things first. But I tell you … To achieve all of this, with a very specific philosophy and with a daring and entertaining game, is what I prefer.

Did you want to continue?

Yes, it was a situation where no agreement was reached. I never thought my time at Levante would be over. But on the contrary. I’ve always hoped that people would be able to communicate, but there are situations like this in football. In the end, I had to assume it was time to change something. Fortunately, I am very happy now because I consider Granada my home, where I grew up with football and where I feel very comfortable.

What happened to fail to reach an agreement?

Contract duration. Levante wanted two years and I asked for three. I thought that when I was just thirty and with the performance I’ve had over the past few seasons, I was in one of my best moments, physically. I understood that with a three-year contract I wanted to find peace and stability at home. Levante thought more than two years was inappropriate and that was it. It did not refer to economic problems or any other situation that emerged at the time. Neither was true.

How many suggestions did you have for a change of club?

The problem was how stopped the market was when people decided to sign up. I received a lot of calls, but the uncertainty of fair play made it difficult to formalize an operation. Obviously I had some priorities in Spain. One of them was Granada, so I’m happy to have reached an agreement.

Why did it take you so long to sign for Granada?

When it turned out that he had already done it, it was absent for a long time. In the world of football, messages come out that do not correspond to reality and harm the player. It was just a market situation. Granada had different priorities in terms of positions to strengthen due to the lack of players. I was calm because they told me that if it could be formalized it would be done, and so it was.

What do you think of Paco López’s dismissal?

It’s a personal opinion, but I think Paco has shown a lot of appreciation in three and a half years. Last year we had a very similar situation and in the end we could pull it off. Personally, I would of course have kept it, but I live it from a distance. I’m not sure if there was anything else or not, or it was just believed that the squad needed some fresh air. But in his personal opinion, Paco deserves credit for everything he has shown and for the performance he put off the squad during his years on the bench.

How do you see Levante from a distance?

I haven’t seen it since the coach change, with so much game, but it’s clear that when a team gets there it’s a difficult situation. The league is very competitive, it’s hard to beat a rival and it’s hard to add anything. In such a dynamic, everything is more difficult. I hope that first we, but later her, will get out of this situation and that she will not get into trouble. I have a great affection for Levante.

If you look, will you celebrate?

No. Whenever I played against teams I felt comfortable with, I tried to be respectful. While I am one of those who think that celebrating a goal is not disrespectful, in the end it is states of mind that are experienced in a field. But I don’t usually celebrate it against former teams.

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