Letter from Michael Fawcett, who became known via email on Sunday as an important part of the Met Police investigation

The Mail on Sunday’s exclusive revelation that an aide to the Prince of Wales offered to help a Saudi billionaire attain knighthood and British citizenship in exchange for “generous” donations will form the basis for a police investigation Find out about The Mail on Sunday.

Michael Fawcett dramatically resigned as chairman of the Prince’s Foundation last week – more than two months after the MoS released the contents of a damning letter.

In it, Mr Fawcett said the royal charity was “happy and ready” to use its influence to help businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, who had donated thousands of pounds.

On August 18, 2017, Mr. Fawcett wrote to Busief Lamlum, an advisor to Dr. Bin Mahfouz, saying, “Given the continued and recent generosity of His Excellency … ready and happy to support and contribute to the application for citizenship.

Michael Fawcett dramatically resigned as executive director of the Prince’s Foundation last week – more than two months after the MoS released the contents of a damning letter

“I can further confirm that we are ready to do” [an] Proposal for the Elevation of His Excellency’s Honor from the Honorary CBE to that of KBE in accordance with Her Majesty’s Honorary Committee. ‘

The Sheikh received an Honorary CBE from Prince Charles for charity at a private Buckingham Palace ceremony in 2016.

However, in a letter received from MoS that will now form the basis of a police investigation, Mr. Fawcett provides a direct link between Dr.

In his former role as Chief Executive of the Dumfries House Trust, Mr. Fawcett wrote on notepaper headed: “Both requests are made in response to the most recent and anticipated assistance.” [of] The Trust and in connection with its continuing operations in the UK in general. I hope this confirmation is enough to move us forward. ‘

Within hours of The Mail on Sunday contacting the Foundation about the existence of the letter, Mr. Fawcett announced that he would step aside.

An independent investigation was opened by the charity, but it was confirmed last week that he would not be returning to his £ 95,000-year post and was permanently replaced by Chief Operating Officer Emily Cherrington.

Prince Charles is touring the granary accommodation with Lord Thurso (left) and Michael Fawcett (right) in 2019

A Prince’s Foundation spokesman confirmed that Mr. Fawcett had resigned as CEO and said his investigation, led by an outside forensic accountant firm, was ongoing.

Friends of Mr Fawcett say he is “fragile” and “in bad shape” after he resigned and served the royal family for 40 years.

The former valet to the Prince of Wales became one of Charles’ most trusted advisers. His wife Debbie, who buys gifts on behalf of Charles, will leave her role in January.

A spokesman for Dr. Bin Mahfouz said he never tried to seek or influence any citizenship or knighthood agreements with Mr Fawcett or anyone associated with the prince or his foundation.

The Sunday mail assumes that a full investigation has not yet been initiated, but the “first investigations” were in full swing.

Former Secretary Norman Baker has urged the Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to open a full investigation. A Met spokesperson said, “The officers are evaluating the information in the letter and conducting preliminary investigations.”

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