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Leslie Lampton was born in Jackson, Mississippi, USA in 1925 and is a businessman best known for being the founder and owner of Ergon Inc., an oil refining and distribution company. Founded in 1954, the company was the primary source of his fortune, but all of his efforts have helped make his fortune what it is today.

How rich is Leslie Lampton? In late 2017, sources tell us they had a net worth of $ 2.4 billion, mainly made from success in the oil industry. He has expanded the company so that it is present in several locations in the USA, including with subsidiaries and partners. As he continues his endeavors, his fortune is expected to continue growing too.


Leslie Lampton is worth $ 2.4 billion


Leslie attended the University of Mississippi and began a career in the oil industry upon graduation. He founded Ergon in 1954 with only two employees, but the company should grow significantly over the next few years with the boom in the oil industry, so that his assets also increased significantly. He opened oil refineries in several states, some of his largest in West Virginia and Arkansas.

Lampton has also expanded Ergon’s portfolio to include electronics manufacturing. The company produces communications electronics, maintenance products, safety equipment, and computer boards, as well as several subsidiaries and partnerships to expand their craft. Leslie now owns over 500 oil wells, primarily in Texas and Louisiana, and also set up his own ethanol factory in Mississippi. Ergon is now valued at around $ 4 billion a year and sells numerous petroleum products. They also own the Vicksburg Refinery in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The company’s other duties include the manufacture of road maintenance equipment.

Leslie now has more than 2,500 employees with the company. Some of their subsidiaries and partnerships include Diversified Technology, which makes embedded systems, Crafco, which makes road maintenance products, and Trico Refining, a partnership between Ergon and San Joaquin Refining. They were also previously affiliated with Lion Oil, which had an oil field in Arkansas. However, the remaining stake in the company was later sold to Delek US Holdings for $ 228.7 million. Another subsidiary is Lampton-Love, which sells liquefied gas.

In 2008, Lampton became involved in a Treasury Department investigation into how the Mississippi state Supreme Court tax records had been leaked. The investigation did not result in any material changes in his net worth.

As for his personal life, Leslie is known to be married and have seven children. He is a philanthropist, donates money to his alma mater’s engineering program, and is the director of the Ergon Foundation, which donates to educational, religious, youth, and community purposes. Some of the organizations they have worked with include The Salvation Army, The Little Light House, and the Baptist Health System. He also served as a member of the Mississippi State Judicial Commission. He also likes to hunt and has a Mississippi hunting license.

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