Leather face cosmetics removed due to racist harassment

Behavior Interactive made the decision to include a list of unlockable Leatherface cosmetics at. to remove Dead by daylight for numerous cases of racism that Afro gamblers have suffered from in recent yearsS. The decision was made along with changes. announced January update.

It all goes back to the release of the Leatherface DLC in 2017. Since then, players have been able to unlock cosmetics for this assassin. These cosmetics are literally the faces of the first four surviving characters the game had. In other words, the faces of Dwight Fairfield, Meg Thomas, Claudette Morel and Jake Park. These were achieved by killing each of them 25 times. Since he’s a scary character who uses the faces of the people he murders, the idea wasn’t bad at first.

The list of such cosmetics is below:

Dead by Daylight Leatherface

The big problem with this is that Claudette is an Afro-born character and Leatherface is white. Since its inception, Players have this as’black face‘, a racist practice where white people paint their skin to make fun of black people.

Many have been complaining about this fact for years. However, others have tolerated him because he is a murderer. What has sounded the alarm after all this time at Behavior Interactive are the allegations of racial harassment that have surfaced alongside the existence of these cosmetics.

The discussion about Leatherface cosmetics in Dead by daylight and harassment

Numerous streamers and gamers Dead by daylight They argued over a familiar pattern: a player in the role of the assassin chooses Leatherface and puts on Claudette’s face. then focuses on a single survivorShe chases him, hits him more than necessary and starts writing racist slurs in the chat.

Often these decisions are made with knowledge of the survivor’s identity. For example, When a black streamer is known to be involved, a ‘Leatherface Blackface’ decides to mercilessly attack him. Even after the game, they continue to insult her in broadcast chat.

These are things that you have already reported Milady the stallionwho celebrated a few months ago the company’s commitment to recall Leatherface cosmetics. She’s not the only one: dozens of Afro-born streamers worked hard to make this happen.

When announcing this novelty, Behavior Interactive made it clear that all players who had the cosmetics in their possession will now receive 6,000 iridescent shards.

Source: Behavior Interactive

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