Leaked six minute video of the character creator

As is well known Eldenring is in the final stages before the official release date on February 25th. Although we shared on this portal before Videos with part of the gameplay And until our first impressions of him, we had a topic that touches many, didn’t touch: the character creator of Eldenring.

Recently, a content creator revealed his experience with the character creator of this title. In just over six minutes of video, you can see what this tool looked like during the closed network test.

The character creator of Eldenring filtered looks half.

As can be seen from the video and the screenshots taken, the tool did not work at its maximum capacity (which is understandable). For example, It was not possible to see most of the options or categories for changing characterThough it showed him, his team, his startup stats, and even a color palette in case he found the hair color by accident.

The comments on this part of the game agree that it undoubtedly delivers impressive and very realistic results. Compared to other FromSoftware titles like Dark Souls 3 or Blood transferred, It is believed that players will now have many opportunities to make their characters physically comfortable.

Some complained that they couldn’t create a character with exaggerated features as a humorous reference. But still, The video also shows that you can put these kind of fun attributes.

The character creator isn’t the only one Eldenring What can we find

In the past few days, more videos have been shared than some players have seen Eldenring until now.

For example, videos were shared about exploring and fighting against enemies such as ghosts of catacombs or eagles. Everything follows very much in the style of Dark souls, although it is known that the player can travel freely around the world and try his luck to find various surprises.

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