League of Legends series is brutal and opens other doors to leak

In case you haven’t noticed, Riot is doing everything possible to expand the world of League of Legends, which of course has led to one of Netflix’s newest projects, the Arcane animation series.

Have you seen her? It’s just that it’s time to do it, if you haven’t checked it out by accident. It is worth it!

Arcane: The League of Legends franchise is brutal and opens other doors


So first, we have to say that, visually, Arcane is one of the series improvements you can find in the Netflix library! But that’s just the beginning … So let’s go in parts.

Well, it’s obviously a project based on the hugely popular League of Legends game, but at the same time it’s such a well-constructed series that you’ll love every episode even if you’re not a MOBA fan.

Interestingly, I firmly believe that the series can even catch up with some of the old players who left the ‘Rift’ in recent years. And you may even be able to recruit some new summoners.

But let’s get down to business!

Contrary to what is usual in the world of Netflix, the series did not release all of the episodes at the same time, and luckily because it makes us want more and better.

Mainly because the first act of Arcane, the first three episodes, starts off perfectly. With much of the story to serve as the basis for the game itself, while also giving identity to the characters who have so often been successful on the online battlefield.

It’s a mixture of action, mystery, drama and of course a lot of “feeling”! Indeed, if you are more sentimental, the third episode will completely run you over, with possible tears in your future.

We have history, we have great graphics and of course … a suitable soundtrack!


When we have the three basics, i.e. the visual part, a good story and a soundtrack, we have everything to kick back on the sofa and enjoy the project to the fullest. This is exactly what we find in Arcane, starting with the main song Enemy from Imagine Dragons who, in case you didn’t know, are fans of the online game and have even appeared in some League of Legends in the current game worlds,


In short, Arcane is a big bet for Riot Games and a great addition to the Netflix library. Interestingly, it’s a project that, in addition to high quality itself, breathes new life into the ‘old’ online game, while at the same time it seems to convey the idea that the studio has big plans for this ever-growing world. Will we have more series, maybe movies, and who knows … An MMO that can rival World of Warcraft?

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