Kristen Bell is left-handed trolled for posting photos of herself with LASD officers

Kristen Bell was dragged by left-wing critics after she was seen in photos with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies.

A post shared on the LASD’s social media pages on Sunday shows the singer and television actress in two photos: one shows her smiling with one arm around two MPs and another where she is taking a selfie with a MP power and thumbs up.

The post was faced with a flurry of comments expressing her disappointment with Bell – a staunch supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and racial equality – and accusing her of violating her beliefs by posing for the police.

One accused her of “learning nothing” from her acclaimed NBC television show The Good Place, which explores what makes a truly virtuous person and focuses on the idea that all human beings are capable of seeking salvation.

The LASD titled the post: “Today we had the absolute pleasure of meeting @KristenBell, who was undoubtedly the nicest person ever. It really never gets boring in Lancaster! ‘

Kristen Bell appeared in photos on Sunday engaging with deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department outside Lancaster Station in California

A post shared on the LASD’s social media pages on Sunday shows Bell with a deputy taking a selfie and giving a thumbs up

Bell wears a meerschaum green knitted hat, ripped jeans and a graphic t-shirt advertising Australian racing driver Daniel Ricciardo.

A Twitter user with the username ROBIN PETERING PHD wrote simply, “That sucks,” replied the user antidepressants enthusiast: “Oof thats not cute,” and a user named trash wrote, “She’s also a landlady on her stand .’

Mattie Washburn was generally boring with the police and wrote, ‘Yeah, I suppose you probably won’t meet a lot of nice people if your colleagues are all cops.’

Another answer, a paid actor by username says do away with BPD / KCSO, accused Bell of inconsistent with the values ​​of her own acclaimed television show The Good Place, writing, “Ted Danson supports Bloomberg, and now you are … really learned nothing from this show. ‘

However, the comments on the LASD Instagram page are mostly positive, with one user named kanalalynn writing, “Kindness and a down to earth person” with a heart and solemn emojis, and another user named nicky_knuckles_75 writing, “This is excellent. I heard she was an absolutely real lady. ‘

Another comment from user just.rich6 is, “I’m not sure what’s going on with the controversy here, but it supports the community. Anyone who is offended by this needs a new hobby.

And another, from user steveknight5007, says: “Kudos to you and your deputies! Thank you for being there and for doing a hard job, especially in these times. ‘

In the past, Bell has been vocal in supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, sharing posts on social media celebrating the Juniteenth with the headline “Nobody is free until everyone is free”.

She and her husband, actor Dax Shepard, have spoken publicly about raising their children, Delta, 6, and Lincoln, 8, to be anti-racist. Bell co-wrote a children’s book called The World Needs More Purple People last year, which debuted on the New York Times bestseller list.

The book is about “accepting what makes YOU special and at the same time finding common ground with those around you” and “trying to go beyond the political divide between red and blue,” it says in one Description. It will release a sequel on June 21, 2022, titled The World Needs More Purple Schools.

In addition to the comments on Twitter criticizing Bell, several told her to Google “LASD gangs,” and many made sardonic comments asking if they were trying to recruit her, including, “Did you make Kristen an honorary member of the Rattlesnakes runner-up done? ”

There have been several reports of suspected groups within law enforcement with their own matching tattoos, gang names – like the rattlesnakes – and various illegal activities on duty.

Nonprofit journalist Knock LA reported, however, that gangs were first documented – starting with the Little Devils – during the Chicano Moratorium, a protest during the Vietnam War in 1970 in which four protesters were killed by police.

In the past, Bell has been vocal in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, describing how they raise their children in an anti-racist manner

Among the dead was Ruben Salazar, a journalist and law enforcement critic who told his friends before he died that he feared being followed and targeted by police, Knock LA reported.

The LASD has been charged for the past three decades for allowing gangs to thrive within the department without taking disciplinary action against them.

Earlier this month, a superior court judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by Rep. Austreberto Gonzalez who sought retaliation from members of a gang of MPs after anonymously reporting an alleged attack by a gang member on another MP, the LA Times reported.

The retaliation consisted of being forced to respond to an excessive number of service calls and being pushed out of his position as a field training officer, Gonzalez alleged in the lawsuit.

‘[Gonzalez] has no direct evidence of a causal relationship between a theoretically protected job and his alleged loss of an intern, ”wrote Judge William Fahey in an 11-page judgment in which the judge concluded that Gonzalez was not“ subject to an adverse employment lawsuit ” had been. “He also said Gonzalez made conflicting statements about a move to another job.

Fahey prevented Gonzalez from producing evidence regarding the alleged deputy gang known as the Executioners, his attorney Alan Romero told the LA Times. “We are very confident that the appeals court will reverse and allow the discovery of the deputy gang that Gonzalez whistled,” added Romero.

A September poll by the Santa Monica-based think tank RAND Corporation found that 16% of 1,608 sheriffs surveyed said they had only been asked to join a subgroup or gang in 2019 – when the poll was first launched.

However, the LASD denies any gangs are active in the department, and District Sheriff Alex Villaneuva slammed down the LA County-commissioned poll that provides 37 recommendations to the sheriff’s department.

Villaneuva said 30 of the recommendations have already been implemented and the remaining seven are being considered, according to ABC 7.

“If a subset of a group of employees commits misconduct, I as an employer can intervene,” he added. “They claim that we can just ban groups. Well, that is not constitutionally permissible. ‘

Sherriff Alex Villaneuva said the department took a number of steps to stamp out gang-like activity among its ranks

Still, the Los Angeles Police Commission recently drafted a policy aimed at formally banning law enforcement gangs. The state legislature tabled a similar bill last February, which will come into effect on January 1st.

The law, approved by Governor Gavin Newsom in September, defines such gangs as “a group of peace officials within a law enforcement agency who may identify themselves by name and associated with a badge, including, but not limited to, matching tattoos”. , and who display a pattern of behavior on duty that deliberately violates the law or basic principles of professional policing. ‘

It specifically names the LASD and says, “Law enforcement gangs have been recognized by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department as damaging the trust and reputation of law enforcement throughout California.”

The LASD also gained national attention in August after a viral video made by another student appears to show a 16-year-old girl at Lancaster High School being beaten to the ground by school security and a deputy LA County sheriff.

At the time, the LASD said it was investigating the incident and officials responded to threats from the student, according to NBC Los Angeles. The LASD did not explain what these threats were or whether they warranted immediate use of force.

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