Kenya Ontivero’s fortune

Kenya Ontiveros, born June 17, 1991 in Sinaloa, Mexico, is a reality TV star best known worldwide for her appearance on the series “Larrymania” and her marriage to the Mexican singer Larry Hernandez. She also has her own line of cosmetics.

Have you ever wondered how rich Kenya Ontiveros was at the end of 2017? According to authoritative sources, Ontiveros’ net worth is estimated at $ 700,000, an amount she has earned through her successful career in television and in business.


Kenya Ontivero’s net worth of $ 700,000


Though born in Mexico, Kenya was raised in the United States as her mother and moved to the United States shortly after she was born. Growing up Kenya became interested in makeup and often used her mother’s cosmetics. As she got older, she took makeup and cosmetics courses and eventually gained certification as a makeup artist. She did a lot of makeup during her high school, but after meeting Larry Hernandez in her senior year of high school, Kenya’s life turned upside down. The two began dating and she gave up the opportunity to start a career as a makeup artist.

Instead, she focused on helping Larry in his musical endeavors as he was on his way to becoming a Mexican star. Thanks to her husband’s popularity, the two became part of the reality TV series “Larrymania,” which aired in 2012 and continues to this day. Meanwhile, Kenya gave birth to her two daughters, but most recently Kenya’s desire to become a professional makeup artist returned and she began working on her own cosmetic products. Since then, she has started a fashion website called Kenia Beauty, a line of cosmetics that includes lipsticks, brushes, and other products. The sale of her line has significantly increased her net worth.

In terms of their personal lives, Kenya and Larry married in 2017 and have two daughters, Daleyza and Dalary.

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