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Kenny Holland was born on May 1st, 1995 in Vernon, Arizona, USA, and is a Mormon pop-rock musician, singer-songwriter, best known worldwide for his hit singles “One Day at a Time”, “Backseat” and. “So What” is well known, among other things, on his 2012 debut album “Heart and Keys”.

Have you ever wondered how rich Kenny Holland was at the end of 2017? Holland’s net worth, estimated by authoritative sources, is over $ 200,000 thanks to his success in the music industry that began only five years ago.


Kenny Holland net worth of $ 200,000


Although he was born in Arizona, Kenny grew up with his five sisters in Michigan; he is the only boy in his family. Kenny was drawn to music at the tender age of eight and has since nurtured his musical talents. He started out performing at local music events and then at parties and music competitions during high school.

After high school, Kenny decided to devote himself to music professionally and released his debut album “Heart and Keys” in 2012, which became an instant hit, adding not only to Kenny’s excitement, but also his popularity and laying the foundation for his fortune. Encouraged by his early success, Kenny moved to Los Angeles and continued his musical career, but also tried his hand at acting. He released two EPs, “Whatever It Takes” in 2014 and “BOATS” – short for “Based on a True Story” – in 2016, the sale of which certainly increased his wealth significantly. In addition to recording new material, Kenny became famous for covering hits by other notable musicians, including Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars”, “Mr.

Brightside ”from The Killers and Coldplay’s“ Viva La Vida ”among others. In addition, Kenny formed a musical duo – BalCOny – with his friend Wes Stromberg, who was part of the reggae group Emblem3. The two released the single “Fire” in 2015.

As for his acting career, Kenny landed the lead role in the 2016 musical “Saturday’s Warrior,” directed by Michael Buster, which starred Kenny, Mason D. Davis and Monica Moore Smith. This also added to his wealth and expanded his career.

In terms of his personal life, Kenny had a romantic relationship with actress and social media personality Andrea Russett that led to their marriage in September 2017.

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