Kathleen Light’s net worth

Born Kathleen Fuentes on January 27, 1992 in Miami, Florida, USA, she is a YouTube personality best known to the world for her makeup tutorials, which are published on her channel KathleenLights.

Have you ever wondered how rich Kathleen Lights was in late 2017? According to authoritative sources, Lights’ net worth is estimated at $ 250,000, an amount she has earned through her successful career in the entertainment world that has been active since 2013.


Kathleen Lights net worth of $ 250,000


Unfortunately, little is known about Kathleen’s upbringing and education, as her life, before she became a popular beauty guru, was hidden from the public, although she was still going to become famous.

However, in 2013 Kathleen set up her YouTube channel and started uploading videos of her doing makeup for various occasions. Her videos soon gained a following, and after two years of successful counseling from girls who were similar to her, Kathleen had over 600,000 subscribers. She continued to update her channel and her number of fans grew over time, to the point that she now has well over three million followers while her videos have been viewed more than 375 million times, with some of her videos reaching a mark of 15. get millions of hits like “Full Face Drugstore Makeup Tutorial & Affordable Brushes!” Her initial success on YouTube increased her popularity and net worth, but also opened doors for her career to grow. Most recently, Kathleen signed a deal with Style Haul, which also added to her fortune.

Aside from her beauty guru channel, Kathleen also has a vlog channel where she posts her daily events; she has amassed more than 150,000 subscribers, which has also increased her net worth considerably. Kathleen is also active on Instagram, where she also has more than 150,000 followers, and Facebook, which further increases her fortune.

In terms of her personal life, Kathleen has been married to Danny since 2013, but the only other information available about their marriage is the fact that her husband is seven years older than her.

Most recently, Kathleen was the center of attention, but unfortunately not because of her next career success, but because of the racist remarks she made during one of the Snapchat videos she shot with her YouTube colleague Jaclyn Hill. Jaclyn herself posted the video online but later said she didn’t do it on purpose and that she didn’t even hear Kathleen talk badly about African Americans.

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