Katharine McPhee defends husband amid Instagram backlash

Katharine McPhee wants the world to know she has the back of her 14 year old best friend who has become the loving husband David Foster.

Foster left a comment about his wife on his social media post. The statement frenzied viewers, but McPhee finds her reaction unnecessary.

You May Not Kiss The Bride actress wants people to stop being sensitive and stop misunderstanding their partner.

Katherine McPhee stands up for David Foster amid Instagram backlash

The drama started on Tuesday, December 28th when Foster uploaded a picture of his stunning partner on Instagram. The photo showed her lying on the grass in an eye-catching black bikini.

The 16-time Grammy winner has the entry titled “What Baby!” suggesting that his wife had reverted to her pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth to their son Rennie David on February 24.

Katharine McPhee shares a snapshot from the Flirty Lingerie Photo Exchange with husband David Foster

Foster’s testimony about the “The House Bunny” star has put some internet users on the wrong track and they criticized him for doing so.

Well, McPhee didn’t ask for the backlash against her husband, and she defended him the next day.

The “Unbroken” singer wrote on Instagram: “We’re sorry, but we’re not sorry,” notes that she struggled with her weight through her 20s and 30s.

McPhee shared a photo of herself in a red swimsuit that made it clear she didn’t lose her baby weight for anyone without dieting or outside pressure.

The “In My Dreams” actress said she might gain weight again, but nobody cares. Then she asked the people who were freaking out about her husband’s caption to “seriously get a life”.

“Stop being so offended by what people post that have no bearing on your life and move on,” demanded McPhee.

The mother of one child offered people who should have thought, “Oh, that’s nice that he thinks his wife is hot,” a change of perspective instead of being offended.

McPhee ended her setback by expressing her frustration with “this overly sensitive society,” adding, “As Taylor Swift said haters will hate byyeeee.”

The “Country Comfort” actress teases her husband with a photo of lingerie

Mcphee has a fun marriage to Foster, and she values ​​his comments on her body – as noted in her recent Instagram clap-back to online critics.

In September, The Blast announced that the “I Fall In Love Too Easy” singer flirted with her husband by sending him a stunning picture of herself in blue lingerie.

McPhee completed the look with a pulled down white shirt with tousled hair that flowed down her shoulders. She uploaded a screenshot of the conversation that ensued on her Instagram story.

The “Smash” star typed “I’m an underwear model now” and Foster raved “Vava vavA-voom. Hot mom …”

The record producer pulled his wife’s legs, remembering that he had tried to call her number some time ago, but she couldn’t answer because she was stripping.

Foster sent a laughing emoji, underscoring how stunned he was by his beautiful wife by writing, “You look amazing !!! Impressive!!!”

McPhee continued the banter by responding to her spouse, whom she married on June 28, 2019, with “Stripping Indeed” and a laughing emoji.

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