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Kari Elizabeth Byron was born on December 18, 1974 in Los Gatos, California, USA and was best known for 2003 on “MythBusters”, a science TV entertainment show created by Peter Rees on the Discovery Channel.

How rich is Kari Byron? From her television career since 2003 to date, sources estimate that Kari managed to amass a net worth of over $ 3 million.


Kari Byron net worth of $ 3 million


In 1998, Kari Byron graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Film and Sculpture. She was good at sculpting and even showed her work in popular gallery exhibitions, which helped Kari amass some of her current net worth. After graduation, Kari Byron took part in art projects around the world including Asia.

Kari Byron is a colleague of Jamie Hyneman with whom she initially worked at M5 Industries, a company that produces special effects props for various films. This experience also benefited Kari Byron’s fortune. However, “Myth Busters” was her dream. So she did her best to join the MythBusters team, and later Kari and two other colleagues from M5 Industries were invited to create a second team for MythBusters called the Build Team. . Kari Byron’s involvement in “Myth Busters” began in 2003, has aired a total of 12 seasons and 249 episodes, and is one of the longest running shows on the Discovery Channel that only features “How It’s Made” and “Daily Planets.” Myth Busters “was co-hosted by Kari until she left in 2015, a position that added to Kari Byron’s overall net worth. What the cast in” Myth Busters “do is verify how relevant and believable the various myths are. All of the cast also have their own roles on this show that they host.

Kari Byron’s net worth rose significantly since 2010 when she began hosting her own show, “Head Rush,” which focused on science education and youth and which aired on the Science Channel.

Kari Byron also appeared on the Science Channel in 2010 and 2011 as the presenter of “Large, Dangerous Rocket Ships”. Together with her colleague from “MythBusters” and “Build Team”, Tory Belleci, Kari appeared in 2012 in one of the episodes of “Sons of Guns”. These activities also helped Kari Byron grow her fortune.

Although Kari stopped exhibiting her sculptures some time ago, sculpting is still one of her favorite hobbies. Kari says she couldn’t give up sculpture and does something almost every day. She models in a variety of materials including wood, polymer clay, and acrylic gouache. This TV star also loves painting, but Kari herself says that her knowledge of sculpture and the arts in general helps a lot while working on science projects on TV. Although Byron no longer participates in gallery exhibitions, as mentioned earlier, her work can be viewed on her personal website.

In her personal life, Byron was an atheist from an early age. In 2006 she married the artist Paul Urich, in 2009 the family had a daughter, Stella Rubby.

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