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Karen Kopins Shaw was born on October 10, 1961 in Ridgefield, Connecticut USA and is best known as an actress who has worked on projects such as “The Fall Guy” and “Riptide”. In addition, she is widely known as a former model and as Miss Connecticut.

How rich is Karen Kopins at the end of 2017? According to authoritative sources, this American actress and former model has $ 1.4 million net worth accumulated from her career spanning over two decades in the aforementioned fields from the 1970s to the 90s.


Karen Kopin’s net worth of $ 1.4 million


Regarding her early life and career, Karen won the Miss Connecticut contest in 1977 but was more interested in an acting career nonetheless. She was a graduate of Marymount College before moving to California to pursue acting on a professional level. Kopins made her debut in 1983 as a guest star on an episode of the television series entitled “The Fall Guy,” and the next year she had another television series role as Kimba Hall in the pilot of “Riptide.” ”. She remained employed in the mid-1980s, but had her first screen role in 1985 in the drama musical “Fast Forward,” in which she played Susan Granger. In the same year, Karen played a leading role in the film “HeartBeat”, in which she starred alongside Whitney Kershaw and Christine Langner, among others. In 1986 she had another notable film role in the action adventure film “Jake Speed”, in which she played one of the main characters, Margaret Winston; the aforementioned film grossed over $ 1.9 million at the box office. She had many projects by the late 1980s, but most of all she was a guest star on an episode of “Full House,” a critically acclaimed and popular television show. In 1988 she played a prominent role in Dallas, a publicly acclaimed drama-romance television series in which she played Kay Lloyd in 13 episodes, spent a year on the project, and a year thereafter in Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again 1990. Meanwhile, Karen was cast as one of Charlie’s Angels in the spin-off Angels’ 88, but the series never went on the air.

Speaking of the mid-1990s, it was during those years that Karen made her final appearances. In 1994 she starred in “The Cosby Mysteries” and “Lady in Waiting”, the latter being a drama-thriller directed by Fred Gallo. After completing this project, Kopins retired from acting. Finally, she appeared in more than 20 television and film projects.

Her other work includes a commercial that she made for Windex Cleaner in 1993.

As for her personal life, Karen has been married to her high school boyfriend Marc Shaw since 1990; The couple have four children and live in Redding, Connecticut. In 2010, Karen announced that she had Lyme disease. She has a Facebook account that she created in 2010, but is no longer active there.

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