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Born June 13, 1959 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Juanita Vanoy is a former model and secretary. However, she is best known as the ex-wife of former basketball player Michael Jordan. They were married for 17 years and have three children together. However, it is particularly noteworthy that Juanita received a huge sum of money as a divorce settlement, which made her divorce the most expensive at the time.

What is the net worth of Juanita Vanoy? Authoritative sources have estimated her net worth as high as $ 170 million, according to data released in late 2017. The divorce settlement is the primary source of Vanoy’s net worth, as Juanita received $ 168 million.


Juanita Vanoy, with a net worth of $ 170 million


Initially, the girl grew up in Chicago. She grew up in a large family that had six children (all girls). There is no information available about Juanita’s training.

Her career history is known to have worked as a model, then became a loan officer before serving as a secretary for the American Bar Association. She also tried her luck in the real estate business.

However, it was in Juanita’s personal life that she met star basketball player Michael Jordan in 1984, and three years later the two became engaged. Although the engagement apparently broke up once or twice, Michael and Juanita married in 1989. They later have three children, although the two are said to have divorced several times in the meantime, but they continued to reconcile in an attempt to save their family. In 2006, they may inevitably parted ways. As mentioned earlier, Juanita received $ 168 million as a divorce settlement. Her ex-husband Michael has been married for the second time, but Juanita is still single and actually eschews the public eye.

Still, the couple were noted philanthropists – Juanita and Michael were the co-founders of the Michael and Juanita Jordan Endowment Fund, and Juanita was the chairman of the fund, which supports a variety of causes, often aimed at disadvantaged youth.

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