John Madden, Madden NFL legend, has died at the age of 85

John madden, the former soccer player, coach, renowned commentator and the man who borrowed his last name to run the franchise from. to found Madden NFL, died in the final hours at the age of 85.

News of Madden’s death was recently received from the. confirmed National Football League (NFL). The sports organization expressed condolences and said that “no one has loved football as much as El Coach. He WAS soccer.

Madden’s playing career was very brief, but he had a very successful time as manager of the Oakland Raiders and other teams. He later became a sports presenter for sports networks such as FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC.

The history of John crazy football (and consequently Madden NFL)

It was Madden’s recognition as an icon of the franchise that got it written into the video game industry as well. Trip Hawkings, the founder of Electronic Arts‘I tried to do a simulation of American football. So in 1984 he decided to contact John Madden to sell him the idea of ​​a soccer simulation game. The same character repeated all his life the idea that this would be an educational tool to learn about sports.

However, it would not be an easy task. At the time, computers had very simple performance compared to Nintendo and / or Sega consoles. Therefore, it was originally proposed to start the possible title with only six or seven players per team. This angered Madden when he refused to play a game that didn’t have the typical 11 players per team in American football: “I won’t say my name if it’s not real.”

Because of this and legal problems with Bethesda Softworks (which was partly involved in the development), it took three years for the game to see the light of day. Finally, John crazy football It was released on Apple II computers in 1988.

Today the franchise is from Madden NFL It has sold more than 250 million copies in more than 40 titles. His last publication was Madden NFL 22 in August 2021.

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