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Canadian Jessica Lowndes was born on November 8, 1988 in Vancouver, British Columbia, 90210. The actress made her film debut in 2008 in “Autopsy”, but Jessica has been in the industry since her television debut in “Masters of Horror” in 2005 active.

How rich is Jessica Lowndes in early 2017? Authoritative sources estimate Jessica’s net worth at over $ 6 million, a sizeable amount she regularly earned on the 90210 series, and her roles in several films have also contributed to her net worth. As an artist, ¬®Silicone in Stereo ¬® remains her biggest hit of all the singles she has released to date and also reached # 35 in the Billboard Canada Singer-Songwriter Top 50.


Jessica Lowndes net worth of $ 6 million


As a young child, Jessica was known for dancing and singing around the clock. At the age of five she learned to play the piano and at the age of nine she was already writing her own music, heavily influenced by her mother, who worked as a piano teacher. During her childhood, the actress attended the prestigious Pacific Academy private school in Surrey. Before she started her senior year, she even brought her expertise to bear on a project for Showtime, where she got the opportunity to meet people from LA and thus become known in the entertainment industry. Therefore, she decided to drop out of school in order to advance her acting career. Spurred on by her parents’ encouragement, she moved to LA when she was 16.

In 2007 Jessica made her acting debut in the TV movie “Saving Milly”. Shortly thereafter, she made a guest appearance on an episode of “Masters of Horror,” and then became a regular on the series “Alice, I Think.” But it wasn’t until her recurring role in “90210” in 2008 that she experienced real success. Originally cast as a supporting character, her role was upgraded to a regular series after proving her acting skills. Commenting on her role on the television series, Jessica said, “The only thing I personally have in common with (her character) is that I played the lead role in a school musical and I understand the pressures of work and trying to be an actress.” Page. It can be very overwhelming

Even though Jessica has mastered the piano and guitar and got involved with music at an early age, her singing career has not really blossomed yet. Now that she is popular as an actress, she fears that as a musician she has a chip on people’s shoulders. A lot of people think, ‘Oh, it’s just an actress who starts singing.’ But really, I was trying to have this career that was just always a part of me.

In her personal life, unlike many celebrities, Lowndes avoids the limelight as much as possible and usually holds back. What about her love life? What’s the deal breaker for you? Good question – rumors of romantic associations haven’t even surfaced yet.

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