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Jeffrey Allen Mishler was born on June 5, 1956 in Sauk Village, Illinois, USA and is a comedian who was best known for the film “Happy Wife, Happy Life, Revisited” and also starred in numerous other comedies. He has been in the entertainment industry since 1978 and all of his efforts have helped make his fortune what it is today.

How rich is Jeff Allen? As of late 2017, sources have informed us of a net worth of $ 15 million, mainly earned through a successful career in the comedy industry. His other films include “Bananas”, “Thou Shalt Laugh” and “Apostles of Comedy”. He also goes on comedy tours, and as he continues his career, his fortune is expected to keep growing too.


Jeff Allen net worth of $ 15 million


Jeff began his career in 1978 and has appeared in several Chicago comedy clubs. He struggled in the industry despite honing his craft, and apparently due to low salary and lack of respect, he became addicted to alcohol and drugs. It wasn’t until nine years later that he overcame the addiction and became sober. Then he returned to his comedy roots and began a style similar to that of Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby. He has made numerous television appearances, including the special “Happy Wife, Happy Life” which increased his popularity and net worth. He has since performed elsewhere, including for troops in Bahrain and the Indian Ocean. He was also a guest in “Premium Blend”, “Standup Spotlight” and “Just for Laughs”. He has played on national tours and can be heard regularly on Sirius XM Radio.

The success of Happy Wife, Happy Life prompted Allen to remake a film in 2005 called Happy Wife, Happy Life, Revisited, and his fortune grew thanks to the success of the film. Other film projects in which he was involved are “The Bananas Comedy Special”, “Thou Shalt Laugh” and “My Heart, My Comedy”. He has also released comedy albums, including “Three Word Vocabulary,” and has also written for various publications. As of 2006, he had a three-year column “Living with Teenagers” and then two more columns in “Homelife” and “Homecoming”. He also published a book called “My Life as a Bystander,” and thanks to all these efforts, his fortune continued to grow.

It is known for his private life that Jeff is married to Tami Mischler and they have two children; the family lives in Fairview, Tennessee. He was an atheist but became a born again Christian as he recovered from addictions. He is very active in charity work and is one of the earliest supporters of the Bridge Ministry. He also served as a World Vision Artist and participated in the organization’s events. In 2012 he then worked at Gestures Generosity, which provides financial services worldwide; the organization was responsible for intervening in human trafficking. Jeff is also the spokesperson for Hope House International, an international service for orphans.

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