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Jason Mcabe Calacanis was born on November 20, 1970 in Brooklyn, New York to Greek and Irish parents. He is a well known and respected internet entrepreneur and blogger. He has founded and co-founded several technology companies and is also a very active angel investor in several technology startups. He is also the founder and CEO of Mahalo.com, a human-powered search engine that specializes in common English-language search terms.

How rich is Jason Calacanis? His net worth and his Mahalo company are $ 20 million. This was amassed with the help of prominent investors such as Mark Cuban, CBS, News Corp, Sequoia Capital, and Elon Musk.


Jason Calacani’s net worth of $ 20 million


After studying at Xaverian High School, he attended Fordham University in New York from 1988, graduating with a BA in psychology, whereupon Calacanis quickly founded Rising Tide Studios. This publisher brought out several online and print magazines, and later used his experience and influence in the media to publish the “Silicon Alley Reporter”. The short newsletter grew into a 300-page magazine that pioneered the dot-com era in New York. It even branched out with a sister publication, the Digital Coast Reporter, which focused on technology developments for the West Coast. When the dot-com era came to an end, the company was sold and the publications folded. Calacanis was far from finished, however, and he co-founded Weblogs Inc. with Brian Alvey, which was later sold to AOL for $ 25-30 million when it grossed $ 1,000 per day. Calcanis’ net worth grew steadily.

Calacanis continues to focus on investing, particularly angel investing, in many tech startups, particularly Gowalla, Thumbtack, Uber, and ubermedia. His main focus is as CEO of Mahalo.com, but he’s also a sought-after keynote speaker and blogger, all of whom add to his fortune.

Calacanis has been embroiled in two strange and controversial events recently. The first was at the 2007 Gnomedex event. Calacanis was delivering a speech about Mahalo when he was hooted violently by the audience. The heckler, Dave Winer, accused him of introducing Mahalo to the audience. He remained unrepentant and later even declared; “It’s just about Jason and his investors making money. Why should I care? “

The second incident involved the launch of the Apple iPad and its Twitter account. Calacanis posted several tweets claiming he owned a reviewer’s copy of the iPad device.

Calacanis detailed some of the device’s features, only to later reveal that he did not have such a device, or even existed. Calacanis later stated that this was his way of poking fun at the hype and hysteria that often surrounds iPad launches. Many in the mainstream media were embarrassed about this joke because the tweets were reported as factual.

Calacanis continues to post his views and opinions on his blog, www.calacanis.com, and he can also be heard weekly on CalacanisCast on the PodTech Network.

In his personal life, Jason Calacanis currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and their pet bulldog.

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