J Balvin receives mixed reactions about Afro-Latino Artist of the Year

J Balvin got a lot of controversy after receiving the Afro-Latino Artist of the Year award at the recently concluded African Entertainment Awards USA 2021.

J Balvin receives the award despite not being an Afro-Latino

Over the weekend, the African Entertainment Awards presented Balvin with the prestigious award and the act immediately met with an uproar from fans who couldn’t understand why the Latina singer was a worthy winner.

Launched in 2015, the African Entertainment Awards were created to celebrate and promote African entertainment, so it was confusing to many that Balvin was even considered.

J Balvin on the apos Today Show apos

Balvin, a native of Medellin, Colombia, doesn’t qualify as an Afro-Latino either. The “Mi Gente” accepted the award warmly via a post on Instagram that has since been deleted, but was immediately confronted with violent backlash.

Fans slam the singer of ‘Mi Gente’ violently

Netizens on Twitter and Instagram beat up the singer for receiving the award, even though he knew he didn’t qualify for the category. One user wrote, “J Balvin, a white Latino, shouldn’t have accepted this award from real Afro-Latino artists.”

Another fan pointed out“Not only is he not black, but he wins it the same year he had a video of black women on a leash being fed chicken. Right right. “