ITV Good Morning Britain’s return date was confirmed when viewers left furiously

Viewers were frustrated with Good Morning Britain’s absence from ITV over the delayed return to the show.

The show was replaced with a rerun of James Martin’s Saturday Morning, which enraged fans of the morning favorite.

It has been confirmed that GMB will no longer be on our screens until Tuesday January 4th, reports Birmingham Live.

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Susan Moss asked, “GMB There’s no news in the world, no GMB this Martin Saturday Kitchen, what’s all this good work BBC / Sky News and GB News are still reporting news.”

Allan Esq asked, “Disappointed to see @GMB is not on, but @BBCBreakfast is on with no problem … If you lose viewers by not being on the air, people will find other programs to watch. #GMB @CJMcCall. “

Lauren groaned, “Somebody misses #gmb. Flipping James Martin’s Saturday kitchen. “

Moo-Patch said: “@GMB, why aren’t you here this week. People are back to work. @ITV why am I seeing James Martin the last rerun? It makes no sense.”

Malcolm asked, “So @GMB is returning on January 4th? I guess you decided that not much is going on in the world. Do we have to watch James Martin cook again? Really?”

Dave Bradbury Cohen said, “Where is @GMB @ITV ?! The news doesn’t stop between Christmas and New Years do it ?!

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“Instead, for some reason, we have James Martin’s Saturday morning on a Wednesday morning !! #goodmorningbritain. “

Sue Lane railed, “Canal hopping – got up thinking I had it on the 29th. I would check into #GMB only to find out it was Saturday according to James Martin.”

Shane said, “I just turned on GMB to find James Martin’s Saturday kitchen instead. On a Wednesday. “

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