It’s crazy! We already have 2500 DDR5 memory kits on eBay

2020 and 2021 were the years of scalpers, all thanks to the introduction of products that immediately began to suffer from storage problems and issues with replenishing inventory. In this way, these “scalpers” buy everything they can find on the market in order to later sell the exact same material at twice the price, knowing that they are henceforth the only “shop” with a stock from the Planet.

It’s an ugly strategy that seems to be paying off … after all, we’ve seen this with the Ryzen 5000, the PS5, the Xbox Series S / X consoles, the vast majority of graphics cards released last year, and everything suggests that we’ll end the year with another great sacrifice … DDR5 memory!

It’s crazy! We already have 2500 DDR5 memory kits on eBay

DDR5 memory too

As a result, DDR5 RAM came on the market in an expensive way and unfortunately in small numbers. In other words, a victim as well as the increasingly powerful scalpers.

It is precisely for this reason that we already find several RAM memory kits on many computer hardware resale platforms such as eBay, OLX and Marketplace that are well above their normal resale price. As in the case of the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB 5200MHz kit, which should have been at $ 340 but has already appeared on eBay for $ 2,499. (An increase of 635%)

However, we can still find 16GB kits that are supposedly less than $ 200 at over $ 800. Prices that took the average of a DDR5 memory kit to $ 531. It is absolutely insane.

Interestingly, when compared to consoles and graphics cards, DDR5 RAM is still a small prey in the world of scalpers. To be able to use this component, you need a Z690 mainboard and of course an Intel Core 12000 processor. To be honest, two critical components are anything but cheap and of course not easy to find on the market. Beyond that, and perhaps the most important factor in the game … DDR5 memory still has no clear advantages over much cheaper DDR4 memory.


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