It won’t be long before we have a new Spider-Man

We welcome a new Spider-Man movie that will open in national theaters on December 17th! That said, this is Spiderman’s third solo film since joining the MCU, with everything he’s had … And apparently it could very well be one of the last.

After all, Tom Holland is obviously in the middle of an interview and event frenzy with the upcoming release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, during which he was of course forced to talk a little about his future as an actor, and what consequence of that, the future of Favorite heroes for many of us.

Do we do it in steps?

It won’t be long before we have a new Spider-Man

new Spider-Man

Therefore, in a recent interview with GQ, Tom Holland spoke about everything that has happened since he received the news that he would be wearing the skin of ‘Spiderman’, which shows a lot of gratitude and confidence for his future. However, it also left a “warning of sorts”. After all, the actor said that he doesn’t want to wear the spider skin much longer. Now read:

  • “Now is the time to move on. I think the way is to make a film about Miles Morales. Peter Parker is of course very important to me. But if I keep wearing Spider-Man’s skin until I’m 30, that’s absolute proof that I’ve done a bad job on my career. “

However, producer Amy Pascal tried to reassure fans by saying she had already spoken to Tom to continue, stating that she would never make a new Spider-Man without the actor’s involvement.

Well, in case you didn’t know, this new film is the last one on the actor’s current contract. So it is possible that all of this is a step towards future renewal. Or Tom Holland doesn’t necessarily want to stay in this convoy … Which makes perfect sense, as he is currently one of the most sought-after talents in the industry.

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