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Is it worth buying powerline adapters in 2021?



This is one of the questions most people ask us. Is WiFi worth it or is it better to buy powerline adapters in 2021? I am stressing 2021 because we are seeing a lot of developments in WiFi, including the speed and distance achieved, so what used to make sense may not make sense now. So let’s go on a journey through Powerline, look at the pros and cons and tell you what it’s worth.

Is it worth buying powerline adapters in 2021?

With Powerline technology, you can connect various devices to your router using your home’s power grid. So you can see an alternative to WLAN for these connections.
Usually all bets that are on the market come in the form of a starter kit. This applies unless we are looking for devices to join an existing network. Now these starter kits are all we need to get started in the world of powerline. It usually contains two or three powerlines and the corresponding Ethernet cables.

Powerline solutions are a good solution to two specific problems.

We have a device that is too far from the router or needs a wired connection.

Of course, he doesn’t want to run cables through the floor or drill holes in the walls. We use a powerline adapter and that’s it.

It’s also great if you have a large house and the WiFi signal is barely reaching some rooms.

We can use powerline to bring the internet to these areas in good quality. And since most adapters even have WiFi, it’s even better! We started to have excellent speed in all parts of the house.

What do we have to look out for in a powerline system?

For me there are three basic conditions.

Through adapter

This is something very important to me. It is true that today we no longer have the problem of adapters failing when connected to an extension. In any case, we will always take a picture. Whether on the wall or on an extension. This is why I find it so important to use pass-through adapters. That is, they connect directly to the outlet, but do not eliminate it, since they provide another.

Integration of WLAN

The inclusion of wifi is another very important feature. It’s about having the best of both worlds. We have a WiFi network, but also a powerline.

Gigabit Ethernet ports

It’s true that most of the 2021 powerline adapters are Gigabit right now, but I’ve found options in the market that aren’t. Most of all cheaper. At a time when streaming is king, we need all the speed we can get, especially when we have a 4K TV.

The limits of powerline networks

There is no doubt that Powerlines is one of the best network solutions out there. However, not everything is perfect.

Signal loss

They’re not that obvious, but considering they work over an existing electrical connection, they tend to slow down. If we have a newer and first class electrical installation, the loss is of course minimal. However, this is not an absolute reality in every household.

Different circuits

Problems can sometimes arise, but these are usually limited to three-phase installations and have not been performed properly. In Portugal, however, these installations are rare. It is ideal to use devices such as the devolo DINrail, because you can immediately connect all three phases to the frame level and then we guarantee that there will never be any problems.

Interference, but calm

Power lines are susceptible to electrical interference. However, it is very different than it used to be, when the transport machine and other devices significantly affected the networks. It is not so now. We have filters for that. Interestingly, the worst thing for powerline adapters in 2021 will be the cheaper transformers (like white line cell phone chargers) which make a lot of noise.

Is it worth buying powerline adapters in 2021?

No doubt. It is true that WLAN is becoming more and more powerful. However, it will always be a more limited solution than Powerlines. It’s just that with Powerline we have everything rolled into one. If we move, especially if it is bigger, that is always a guarantee that we will have internet everywhere.

In addition, most adapters already integrate the best of WiFi, which means we always get the best of both worlds.

Do I recommend a brand?

Before recommending a disclaimer. This article was not sponsored and as such I am free to speak. At Powerline level, I have only tested devices from one brand, Devolo, over the years and I can say that I have always been very satisfied. In fact, I followed the development of these devices in Portugal and always saw the new features that emerged. This is because we have communication that works really well and keeps making new device versions available to us.

What strikes me the most now in the case of Devolo is undoubtedly the Devolo Mesh WiFi 2, as it offers a combination of cutting edge powerlines and advanced mesh WiFi functions that we have already introduced in the past few years. Therefore, they are particularly recommended for households that require high-fidelity internet access. Additionally, we use multiple TV streaming services in our homes these days such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney +. In addition, we also need for multiplayer online games, online video calls, social networking, home office teleworking, smart home services, etc. Therefore, we need good and stable internet connection everywhere in our house.

Powerline + Mesh WiFi

The best way to do this is via a powerline device, as we can transport the cables from the power grid in our house at the same time as internet data. However, it is I dedicate it doesn’t stop there, and this new product takes mesh wifi technology and adds it to powerline, making the signals much stronger than in a traditional mesh wifi system.

In summary, in a mesh system, a main adapter is directly connected to the router. And then additional adapters (so-called nodes) are placed in the house (as much space is required). The adapters communicate with each other and create a single wireless network that shares the same SSID and password. This allows all devices in the background to seamlessly connect and disconnect from individual nodes as we move through space.

In this configuration, Powerline is therefore not only transporting the Internet through the electrical connection but also the means of communication between the various nodes.

In short, it is definitely worth using these systems in 2021. I would even say more than ever!

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MacBook Air 2022: M2, Mini-LED with notch and cheaper …?




Now that the MacBook Pro 2021 “leaks” are almost all correct, now is the time to look at the MacBook Air 2022 leaks, which strangely seem to be in the same line!

Well then, let’s go to parts!

MacBook Air 2022: M2, Mini-LED with notch and cheaper …?

Since the cheaper MacBook Pro costs a ton of money, we now have a lot of good people looking to the new generation of MacBook Air notebooks with hope. So let’s try to understand what is already known and what will really change.

Well, just like the MacBook Pro came with a “notch,” the MacBook Air will have a very similar one. Incidentally, the screen must also be very similar, which is also based on mini-LED technology.

However, we still don’t know if we will support the much sought-after 120 Hz (probably not!).

  • The design will be more in line with the Pro models

The “saggy” design of the old Air should be a thing of the past, with the new generation focusing on being thin and light and of course keeping the design line of the Pro model alive.

  • MagSafe back in the air!

Another feature that said hello on the Pro and will of course also say hello on the Air.

We already have a difference here! After all, instead of last year’s M1, the new M1 Pro or M1 Max, you will find the new SoC M2.

In other words, the real successor to the 2020 M1 will come with the new Air, with the M1 Pro and M1 Max being basically the “big” versions of the chip that we have launched in the past.

  • Start sometime in May ~ June 2022

On average, the MacBook Air updates from ~ 400 in 400 days. Now that more than 300 days have passed, we are at the right time to start heating the reactors.

With the current production crisis, however, the 400 mark is likely to be cracked, so that the market launch will not take place until the middle of next year. Sometime in the second quarter or later in the third quarter of 2022.

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Squid Game: Netflix Needs To Make Changes!




Squid Game is hands down one of the most talked about series around the world, for good and bad reasons. On the one hand, it’s a fantastic South Korean production. On the other hand, it makes the educational community concerned about the impact it can have on children. In any case, nobody is indifferent. Even Netflix decided to make changes because of Squid Game. In practice, it has changed the way views and TV series are measured. Did you see the effect of a simple series well?

Squid Game: Netflix Needs To Make Changes!

Netflix has announced that it will be abandoning the two-minute-per-view metrics system it has used in recent years. That is, it takes into account the total viewing hours of a project, movie, or series in the first 28 days after its release.

That is, Netflix shows the total hours of actual viewing of movies and TV series.

While Squid Game had a huge impact on it, it’s not the first time it has happened. Before 2019, it was considered a preview when a person saw more than 70% of a project.

This series premiered on September 17 and ranks first in 97 territories, including the United States.

A success-story

Netflix must have imagined that the Squid Game series would be hugely successful, but they never thought it would spark a massive war that divides groups of parents and educators. Some parents feel that it is a series like any other and that they shouldn’t leave this Netflix because the parents have the task of controlling the children and not letting them see. On the other hand, parents and educators are calling for an immediate exit from the Netflix series. In fact, they don’t even want there to be a second season. On which side are you?

Squid Game is causing a great war between parents!

It is true that the famous Netflix series has strong scenes and is definitely not for everyone. But is that a reason to disappear from the well-known streaming platform and not even have the right to a second season? This is the problem that severely divides the groups of parents and educators.

In this war, which is taking on new contours every day, there are more moderate positions that just appeal not to watch the series.

Then there are also those who reiterate the idea that parents need to take care of their children and control what they normally see.

But there are also more extreme positions that worry many fans of the Netflix series. They are calling for the series to end immediately and sequels to be canceled.

All of this happens because it appears that there are several children who have already seen the series. And so far, so good, they had their parents’ permission to do so. The problem, however, is that the games they saw and learned on the series are made in schools with multiple colleagues.

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Squid Game: This Secret Will Change Season Two!




Squid Game is perhaps one of the most popular series on Netflix lately. This makes an excellent “walk” for the second season. Which, to be honest, has not yet been revealed or even mentioned by the platform or the team responsible for the project.

The truth is, however, that there are some questions in the air that fans would like to see answered. After all, there’s one big hidden secret that season two could really change. But what are we talking about and what does this mysterious secret mean?

Squid Game: This Secret Will Change Season Two!

Let’s not even say “beware of spoilers” at a time like this because everyone should have seen this fantastic show. And so it is best to go straight to the topic. After all, I don’t know if you remember when players wanted to leave the game after the first challenge and later returned to fight for the money. Recall? Well the truth is that not all of them have returned and this seems to have been on purpose. In other words, a secret that is kept in Squid Game

Not many did not want to return like this. And contrary to popular belief, they weren’t killed because they didn’t want to continue playing. But watched so that the game went on in secret. One of the rumors circulating on the internet is the fact that the same players might actually return in season two of the series. But does that make sense? And what can the content of the second season look like? We’ll really have to wait and see.

In short, did you watch the first season of Squid Game? So what do you think of the show? I can say I just loved it, but let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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