Is It a Bad Idea to Use “Cheap” Fans on Your PC?

This is likely the most neglected component in a build, whether it’s based on a low budget, medium budget, or loaded with high-end components. However, it is a critical part that can change a lot on your daily computer.

Because a fan, which is responsible for cooling the CPU, but which doesn’t really do its job, leads, if we think about it, to the crash of your PC. Likewise, a fan responsible for cooling a graphics card that collapses out of nowhere will most likely result in a burned-out graphics card, which should be worse news than taking the car for an official brand overhaul in 2021.

Less serious, but probably just as annoying, is when one or more fans inside the box make strange noises. It is something that is perfectly capable of driving someone insane.

In short, I’m not saying you have to buy a branded 3 fan pack for € 99. But in my opinion, it’s always a good idea to go for a good quality fan package that is comparable (at least) to the rest of your machine!

Is It a Bad Idea to Use “Cheap” Fans on Your PC?

cheap fans

In general, there are 3 fields that affect the price of a simple computer fan.

  • 1. Silence and efficiency
  • 2. RGB lighting
  • 3. A mix of both

Even so, the fans you choose can have a huge impact on the aesthetics and sometimes even the performance of a high-end device. After all, cheap RGB fans can make a PC consisting of an Intel Core i9-12900K and an RTX 3080 Ti look like a prefabricated PC from Wish.

Nevertheless, we have several alternatives on the market, such as night, which is expensive, but simply offers fantastic airflow with almost no noise level. Or more balanced alternatives, such as B. fans from the Corsairwhich are also of enviable quality and can be picked up in the shop at different times of the year.

However, if you want something more focused on quality / price, you can also look into the Phanteks, which offers significantly cheaper alternatives that are very impressive despite not having the same performance.

In short, if you happen to have made a serious investment in your PC, don’t try to skimp on the other components. The “lights” are not everything, and a machine has to be balanced in all its aspects.

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