Intel wants to steal the best partner from rival AMD!

Apparently, Intel is going to really rely heavily and ugly on TSMC’s production lines. Something strange, because in this way everything indicates that Intel can steal the biggest and probably best partner that AMD has had in the last few years … At the end of the day, we already have some rumors that point to a production partnership between AMD and Samsung. What is clear puts an end to what many experts used to be AMD’s secret weapon to get back into the limelight.

Something unbelievable when you consider that after the releases, Apple reserved most of the production quota for the 3nm process. But there it is … If there’s one thing Intel isn’t lacking, it’s money, and therefore bargaining power.

Intel wants to steal the best partner from rival AMD!

from rival AMD

Therefore, Intel is negotiating after new information about the use of the new 3nm lines from TSMC for the production of the new Meteor Lake processors. Production lines expected to start mass production by the end of next year.

In a very strange way, however, these 3nm chips from TSMC will only be part of a gigantic whole. In the end, Meteor Lake processors will be nothing more than the result of stacking different types of chips. Although, according to all the information, we will also have Intel production chips, this time 7nm.

Thus, the Meteo Lake architecture will divide the various components (computing, I / O, graphics, etc.) into several separate chip sets. All of which are treated as tiles in this “stacking”. Yes, we’re talking about Intel Foveros, which has been talked about so much but has not yet shown what it can do in the market itself. All in all, it looks like each “tile” could be based on a different process! With the CPU from Intel (7nm), the I / O from Intel or from 5nm from TSMC and finally the GPU from the 3nm lines from TSMC.

However, Meteor Lake processors are part of the fourteenth generation of Intel Core processors, the release of which is expected in 2023. Before this version, we’ll still have Raptor Lake processors by the end of next year.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Ready to see an Intel in TSMC’s arms as AMD flees on Samsung’s lap? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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