Intel is not supposed to play games on laptops. Beware AMD!

With the i9-12900K / KF, i7-12700K / KF and i5-12600K / KF, Intel brought the first processors of the Core 12000 series onto the market a few weeks ago. Components that have been very well received by both critics and consumers, however, have already shifted in this phase of the championship … Now to the middle class of these processors and of course to what is on the way to the very lucrative market for laptops.

It seems that Intel isn’t even kidding!

Intel is not supposed to play games on laptops. Beware AMD!

On laptops.

Hence, in addition to the i5-12400F, which according to many ‘leaks’ will be a real performance winner at a low price (~ 150 €), Intel also has some secret weapons for the notebook world with the i7-12700H. which suggests that with its 14 cores (6P + 8E) and 20 threads it can lean against the wall one of the best mobile processors from AMD.

All in all, the i7-12700H has a configurable TDP of 35 ~ 45W, in this case it was used with 2.9 GHz, a CPU that can achieve 689 points in the single-core test of the Cinebench R20 while this value is on up to 7158 points in the multicore test. Results that mean an advantage of 21% in the single-core area and 47% in the multi-core area compared to the Ryzen 9 5900HX.

In fact, Intel’s processor, which is not even the top-end model, performs 49% over Apple’s recently launched arm processor, the M1 Max. Intel’s incredible results that could change the market trend for months! That is, unless AMD has a secret weapon in the form of new Ryzen 6000 processors that are even faster.

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