Intel Core i5-12400 + new cooler? We have a package at 73ºC

As we reported a few days ago, after the release of the ‘K’ versions of the latest Intel Core 12000 ‘Alder Lake-S’, which of course came on the market without a cooler, Intel is now preparing the introduction of the rest of the range! Which, however, is already equipped with the new laminar stick cooler.

So we’re talking about the first redesign of the series cooler from the blue microprocessor giant! Almost a miracle, because Intel has always put the same cooler in the box of its processors for several years! But is it worth it?

Intel Core i5-12400 + new cooler? We have a package at 73ºC

i5-12400 +

According to a new “leak”, the new Intel Laminar RM1 cooler has already been tested on a Core i5-12400 processor. The same cooler that will be part of the Core i3, i5, and i7 processor package, with a TDP of 65W.

In short, we’re talking about the cooler, which sits right under the more interesting Laminar RH1 (which in turn has LED lighting!).

In an 8-minute stress test of the AIDA64 suite, the tested i5-12400 reached a maximum temperature of 73 ° C and stayed at an average of around 70 ° C. In terms of power consumption, the processor peaked at 89W, but it was almost always around 80W.

Unfortunately, the Cooler Laminar reaches a speed of 3100 rpm, which, in the opinion of the tester, is quite audible. So, if you happen to be very much into silence, it might be a good idea to keep thinking about quality coolers and forget about Intel’s offerings. Also because 73 ° C … That is anything but positive!

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Interested in Intel’s new line of processors? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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