Intel Core 14000: Awesome! Mixture of 7nm, 5nm, 4nm and 3nm!

As you may know, Intel recently launched its new line of Core 12000 processors which, in addition to many new features, support the new DDR5 RAM memory, support for the PCIe 5.0 standard and also an innovative big.LITTLE -Design offers.

But if you think that Intel has stopped innovating in this area, you are completely wrong … The Intel Core 14000 is already being talked about, with a very strange strategy and design that is obviously going to look even stranger in the PC world.

In the end, it looks like Intel has a mix of chips and production processes to create the best CPU possible. With the great help of your new partner TSMC!

Intel Core 14000: Awesome! Mixture of 7nm, 5nm, 4nm and 3nm!

Core 14000

Therefore, the Intel Core 14000 ‘Meteor Lake’ will hit the market in 2023 with a quad-tile design, something very similar to what AMD is already doing in its Ryzen processors, now taken to extremes. Because in this new type of design we will have 4 chips stacked vertically, each based on a different process.

The tile itself responsible for the processing should therefore be based on the Intel 4 production process (7nm), later we will have the I / O tile based on another process, probably the 4nm from TSMC, and of course based on the tile of the iGPU on another process, apparently the 3nm process from TSMC.

So everything indicates that the vast majority of Intel’s new generation processors are made by TSMC and not by the company itself. However, the most important part, the CPU, is still made ‘in-house’, the process being theoretically less powerful and efficient.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Do you think this is the best possible strategy for Intel to get back in its place? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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