Intel Core 13000: DDR4 RAM will be with us for a while

Intel was the first to support the new generation of RAM memory (DDR5) with its latest line of Alder Lake S processors (Core 12000). But if you think DDR4 RAM is on the way out, saying goodbye, never being seen again … Well, you are completely wrong!

Intel Core 13000: DDR4 RAM will be with us for a while

DDR4 still

As you may know, the recently released Intel Core 12000 supports the new DDR5 RAM memory, but also supports the old fashioned DDR4 RAM. This is because the new standard is still extremely expensive and of course there are still no major advantages for the switch in the performance area, especially if we look at the latency of the DDR5 kits released so far.

Since there are still no good reasons to switch to DDR5 RAM, and also because the current production crisis requires a small inventory of new generation kits, everything indicates that Intel will rely on DDR4 RAM again at the next major processor start.

A strategy very similar to the current one. In other words, each partner must release two versions of each motherboard, one with DDR4 RAM support and the other with DDR5 RAM support. Consumers then choose the best one for their particular case. Interestingly, the current motherboards of the 600 series from Intel are also compatible with the next generation of processors to simplify the whole thing.

In short, all of this is happening because DDR5 RAM memory prices are still too high and should stay that way for a while. (Read the next 12 to 24 months).

But the Intel Core 13000 generation is said to be the last processor line of the blue giant that brings support for the old memory standard. That said, in 2023 it will be DDR5 or nothing.

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