Intel and TSMC have reached an agreement! A factory just for Intel?

We’ve been saying for a few months that Intel and TSMC are converging in an extremely interesting way. Well, it seems the two parties have finally reached an agreement that will seemingly result in one of TSMC’s new factories focusing almost exclusively on 3nm products for the new “partner”.

It’s Intel’s big counterattack (and investment) to catch old rival AMD!

Intel and TSMC have reached an agreement! A factory just for Intel?

Intel and TSMC

Therefore, Intel and TSMC appear to have reached an agreement to produce on 3nm lines. In fact, according to DigiTimes, it looks like one of TSMC’s new factories will be heavily focused on Intel products.

The factory will be built in the Baoshan area of ​​Hsinchu (Taiwan) and is apparently intended to make Intel stronger in order to meet the plans for the introduction of new microarchitectures, which in turn should bring great improvements in CPI A plan that, in case you didn’t know, will be even more aggressive than the old “tick-tock” where Intel changes its production process every year (if all goes well).

It’s a big bet from Intel to catch AMD, which has already jumped from 7nm to 6nm and will launch 5nm products in no time.

Besides, what do you think of all this? Good move by Intel? Will it be positive to do “everything” in terms of the same company? TSMC dominates the market, which is why it has extremely high prices. Ultimately, this will greatly affect the final price of any electronic product such as a CPU, graphics card or smartphone.

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