Instagram requires video selfies to verify identity

Fake profiles have always been a major headache for those who manage social media. In fact, there are thousands of accounts that don’t really belong to any person, but rather systems that are just about distributing advertisements and, in some cases, computer threats. That’s why Instagram intervenes and now asks users to take video selfies to confirm their identity. And interestingly, this system is already fully implemented. In fact, some Portuguese accounts already had to do this in order to continue using Instagram.

Instagram requires video selfies to verify identity

But what about video selfies? Instagram company Meta says these video selfies will never be available on Instagram. You stay in a certain safe place and go out in 30 days. In addition, they guarantee that no biometric data is collected or the company’s facial recognition technology is used. Well, and many are wondering whether that will really be the case. Only things didn’t always go well on Facebook when it came to data protection.

Instagram selfies video

In any case, Instagram is asking people to create a short video clip that will later be used by the company’s artificial intelligence algorithms to confirm that we are a real person. For this video we have to turn our heads in different directions. This will help confirm whether or not you are a real person.

This isn’t exactly new as Instagram started implementing this new feature in August. However, technical problems arose and it was put aside. Now everything is resolved and this feature is available everywhere.

However, not everyone receives this notification. In fact, new accounts will receive this verification request. In any case, it should reach everyone soon.

This is not a pure Instagram message. Is that that applications like Tinder and Bumble already use verification systems from different angles to ensure the authenticity of people.

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