Incredible: Android 12 starts on the Samsung Galaxy S III!

Android 12 is already coming to many devices. For the most part, it works fine and even guarantees better performance. But what if we told you it was possible to install and boot Android 12 on a Samsung Galaxy S III? It’s no doubt fantastic, even for the age of the equipment. We are talking about a device that came onto the market in 2012. In other words, it was ten years ago!

Incredible: Android 12 starts on the Samsung Galaxy S III!

This device may have been forgotten over time, but it was the programmer community who did not forget to remember it. With that they achieved a great achievement. First, they managed to bring dual boot to this device. Then they could run the Linux-based Sailfish OS natively. The big thing, however, was, at least for most, installing Android 12. This is made possible by a custom ROM from LineageOS 19.0.

However, there is even a video that proves this feat:

It’s really interesting to see the Galaxy S III 3G powered by the Exynos 4412 processor running Android 12. This is thanks to the work of an XDA programmer, html6405.

It was possible to do some things, however. For example, via mobile networks, the camera, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and even the video acceleration work. The only thing that doesn’t seem to work that well is some of the LineageOS specific features. However, you should stay soon.

The known shortcomings

One of the known shortcomings is the fact that we have to use a card without a PIN and it is also not possible to format a microSD card. After all, the NFC module doesn’t work. In any case, this will all be resolved very soon. Even so, for an operating system running on a ten year old device, the errors are really very small.

If you have a Galaxy S III at home, it might be a good idea to take it out of the drawer! The link to download Android 12 for this device can be found here by the way.

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