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If you thought you didn’t recognize someone, you were right! The David who joined the new celebrity line-up in ‘I’m A Celebrity‚Ķ Get Me Out Of Here’ is a con man and not famous at all.

“Who is this?”

These are the words usually uttered by viewers when watching the Channel 10 reality TV show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here returns to our screens every year.

And this time around, the question wasn’t just related to the group of Class D celebrities thrown into the jungle because a cheater was thrown into the cast in a new act.

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I am a David celebrity

Poh has to keep David’s identity a secret. Image: Channel 10

I’m A Celeb Actor Plot Twist Revealed

While Master chef Favorite Poh Ling Yeow was announced ahead of the show’s premiere, with viewers being introduced to the ranks of stars entering the Australian “jungle” in the new series.

Footy stars like AFL legend and former trainer Nathan Buckley, AFL legend Derek Kickett and retired NRL player Beau Ryan have all joined the cast. They are joined by TV and radio star Dylan Lewi, the beauty of Miss Universe Australia, Maria Thattil, comedian Cal Wilson, country singer Brooke McClymont and Olympic swimmer Emily Seebohm.

And then there is another obscure name … “The David” … That nobody seemed to know. And for good reason, because he’s not a celebrity.

The con man entered the jungle as the show’s first con man, posing as a “massive influencer” and shoe designer for the stars.

Poh is tasked with capturing David’s identity as part of the first challenge while everyone has tried to learn details about David’s career.

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I am a David celebrity

‘The David’ is a scammer who joined the cast. Image: Channel 10

Who is “The David”?

David is an extravagant nightclub host who lives between Australia, England and New Zealand.

He has an English and Maori background and is the brother of influencer Holly Sophia Subritzky and Big Brother star Layla Subritzky.

While “The David” isn’t a household name (but let’s face it, who’s on the show?), “The David” is already proving to be a hit with viewers as many express their love for the scammer on social media.

“David is already an absolute icon,” said one person on Twitter.

“Oh, I love ‘The David’ in all that white suit with the sharp, glitzy blue eyeliner … secret mission on,” added another.

Though some things are different, the show’s premise stays the same with the list of brave celebrities facing a series of grotesque challenges to become king or queen of the jungle and raise $ 100,000 for their charity.

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