If you play this game on Halloween you will regret it! Caution!

Remember, we are fast approaching one of the scariest times of the year (Halloween). It seems like the ideal time to introduce you to one of the biggest and best attractions of this year. It is nothing less than a fantastic or rather terrible game that was released recently.

So we’re talking about nothing less than Poppy Playtime. A game that, while small, tells a really scary story. Where the famous horrors and screams will certainly not be missing. But see a bit of gameplay and more about the title’s history below.

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If you play this game on Halloween you will regret it! Caution!

Therefore, the story of the game revolves around a character who is given a very mysterious card. It says that the old workers of a factory that has been abandoned for over 10 years are trapped in it. And as such, it looks like they need to be saved. However, the truth is that this is not a normal situation with a villain behind it all. After all, the problem is supernatural.

So stay alive as long as you can and try to defeat all the toys that are trying to (literally) kill you. You can hack some circuitry along the way and set some traps through your GrabPack. But you know that the title is not going to be that easy …


In short, what do you think of all of this? How do you plan to spend your Halloween this year? Why home? So don’t miss out on this new game for free as it is so cheap. Since it currently has a price of around 4 euros. But let us know what you think about the title.

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