Ice Station Z on Switch, an original 3DS zombie survival open world multiplayer

The Nintendo 3DS laptop received a title in 2016 that was thematically and functionally quite alien to what was seen on the platform. Graphically it was a bit polygonal and its textures weren’t its forte, however Ice station Z easily achieves what others can’t on the portable. An island of considerable size served as an open world without loads in which we had to survive zombies, cold, hunger and thirst.

His online multiplayer, strangely flawless for a Nintendo console, ensured him a strong community, not without toxic behaviors and other problems due to the freedom of voice chat. Because even that was easier to run on DS and 3DS than on Switch.. The game had no story and its single player mode was as timeless (for game days) as survival allows. A real treat for $ 4.

Five years later, the independent developer did Shaky tooth He started Ice station Z on Nintendo Switch, under the same name, but with welcome improvements. Fortunately, the title has evolved visually, in addition to adding dogs, “skins”, and updating other elements such as resources, weapons, vehicles, and helicopters. It is still an online / local multiplayer, but with the option of only one without internet.

Best of all, the price is still easy to use: $ 5. For a decent title Ice station Z It’s good business on Switch.

Source: Nintendo eShop

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