Hugo González relies on Mestalla’s leadership (0-1)

The Mestalla has won again and is again leading
Valencia CF

Valencia Mestalla returned to competition after the unexpected break on the final day due to the mess of goals. Miguel Ángel Angulo’s men traveled to Alicante to face the recently promoted Callosa Deportiva after two weeks of no competition. Hugo González decided the game again thanks to a goal from a direct free kick. It’s not the youth team’s first goal this year.

Mestalla jumped into the field with the intention of dominating. In fact, he had the best chance in the first half hour of the crash. Far from taking your foot off the gas, the visiting domain was “in crescendo” over the course of the minutes. After all, it had to be in the opening bars of the second half and by a genius (yet another) from Hugo González when the subsidiary managed to establish the zero-to-one that was on the scoreboard until the end of the game. Precisely in the containment tasks, Valencia has increased its control and endured the result, which serves to regain the lead after the Atzeneta bullet.

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